Dazed, I stagger, tired and sleepy, scorched by the morning sun on my corneas, tossed into a world of lost innocence and strain, delirium of the coming trials to come. Rising, I falter and stumble, my consciousness a haze in a world where the sky is no clearer. I struggle to keep my feet, but I must go on or I will fall to ruin. Electric shock in short seconds of realization, I don't understand fully the situation at hand. I go, trudging through and stare blank. I sleep wide awake, yet rest never comes whether I think or not. Thousands of bitter voices whisper, screaming and yelling all make a white noise to lull the senses. Songs jumble and mix, memories play in wrong order. Horrors and reasons you forget when you wake, all in this putrid delirium. Screaming and shouting all these warnings for what will never happen, I sleep in troubled slumber. I worry and hallucinate, of what, I don't always remember.