Paul Farley was walking through the streets of Roquefort, running errands for his mother. As he headed towards the supermarket, he heard the screams of an innocent young girl.

"That sounds like the screams of an innocent citizen!" he said alarmed, looking around.

Paul quickly ran to the behind a nearby building.

Roquefort Supermarket…

"Help, help!" Carlie Hart, the richest girl in the world screamed, trying to keep hold of her purse.

"Give it here or die, girly!" the robber shouted, wresting it away from her.

"Hold it right there, you pitiful purse snatching sneak!"

"Oh no," the robber said, backing away.

"Oh yes!"

Oh yes, it was in fact Captain Weenie, the defender of justice, fighter of crime and loyal subscriber to Tiger Beat magazine.

"Now why don't you pick on someone your own size," Captain Weenie said, "Instead of a rich helpless, weak little Daddy's girl!"

"Hey!" Carlie said offended.

"Bring it on, Weenie," the robber said, dropping the purse and pulling out a knife.

"Oh I'll bring it," Captain Weenie said, "Bring the pain, that is!"

The robber charged at him and Captain Weenie brought out his mustard gun, squirting the robber with no mercy until he couldn't take anymore.

"I can't take anymore!" the robber shouted, falling to the floor, the knife slipping out of his hands.

"That's what they all say," CW said, putting the mustard gun back and handcuffing the criminal, "You know what else they say?"

"Crime doesn't pay?" the criminal guessed.

"Of course it does," CW said, "If you had gotten away with her purse, you would have had seventy-five, a hundred dollars easy. Free money, man! It's just a good thing that the citizens of Roquefort have the Ween on their side to protect them from scum like you."

"Don't I know it," a grateful Carlie Hart said, coming up to them, "How can I ever thank you, Captain Weenie?"

"Think nothing of it, Miss Hart," CW said blushing, "Just doing my job."

"Well I have to do something," she insisted, "I know! My parents are having a party tonight at the Hart mansion. Why don't you come?! Eight o'clock, okay?" she kissed him on the cheek, "Thanks again, CW."

Carlie left and CW stood there stunned.

A kiss?! She kissed me?! I've never been kissed by a girl before…well a girl who wasn't a relative over the age of forty. This is big! I am the man! I am…going to throw up.

"Uh…you okay there, Weenie?" the criminal asked.

"I…kiss…me," he stammered incoherently, "Can't breathe…need…kiss," his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he passed out.

The robber looked around and with the Ween unconscious, he ran away.

Hot Dog Headquarters…

"Mike! Mike!" Captain Weenie shouted, running into the Hot Dog Headquarters.

"What?" Mike Lawrence asked in alarm, "Is there trouble?!"

"The only trouble I can find is figuring out what I'm going to wear tonight!" CW said dreamily.

"As is the case usually," Mike said annoyed, "You're not making any sense."

"I was on my way to the supermarket when I saw that Carlie was being mugged, after saving her life in usual Weenie fashion, she invited me to a party her family is throwing tonight!" he explained excitedly.

"She was mugged?! What happened to the mugger?"

"Oh…um…he kind of escaped after I caught him," CW said quickly, "But that's not the best part. Ready for this? She kissed me!"

"You let a criminal escape?! Why?"

"Well I sort of passed out after she kissed me, you know all the blood rushing to my head, my lungs constricting and all."

Mike shook his head, "You moron! You let a criminal escape because of a kiss!"

"This wasn't just any kiss," CW said, "It was a peck…from Carlie Hart! Can't you just die?!"

"You first," Mike muttered, turning around.

"So I have to go to that party tonight," CW said, taking off the top of his costume, "I need for you to come with me to make sure I don't say the wrong thing."

"I don't think I have the power possible to stop you from saying the wrong thing," Mike said, "I'm not God, you know. Plus, I've got to get home, my mom's forcing the family to all have dinner together."

"Your loss," CW said, "While you munch on meatloaf and mashed potatoes, I'll be hobnobbing with Roquefort's elite."

Abandoned Warehouse…

"Are you sure about this, Billy?"

"I swear it, Joey!" Billy said eagerly as someone took off his handcuffs, "This girl has the power to take down the Weenie! She just kissed him and he passed out!"

"If this is true," Joey "the Pasta" Linguini said, "This chick could the secret weapon we need to destroy Captain Weenie and control Roquefort's underworld completely!"

"I'm telling you boss," Billy said, "I saw it with my own two eyes. She knocked him out with one kiss."

The Pasta nodded, "Okay, find her and bring her here."

The posh Hart mansion…

"What an excellent party, Eileen," a rich elderly woman said to Mrs. Hart, "You've outdone yourself once again!"

"Oh stop, I know," Mrs. Hart said unabashedly, "I was just telling Carlie…" she looked around, "Where is Carlie?"

"Right here mother," Carlie said coming up to them, "I was just talking to the mayor. He was giving me tips on how to manage a Swiss bank account without alerting the city council."

"Oh Monty," Mrs. Hart said laughing, "Don't you bore my daughter with your shop talk."

"Chop shop?!" Mayor Jack asked panicked, "I already told the police I had nothing to do with that?"

Everyone looked at him in confusion.

"Oh, look it's Captain Weenie!" Carlie said, "I'm glad he could make it!"

The Ween handed his cape to the butler, "Watch the threads, Jeeves, it's 100 cotton."

"I'll be sure to keep it safe with the other dish rags, sir," the butler said snidely.

"You do that," CW said, slipping him a dime, "For your troubles my good man," he sashayed into the room, "Okay Ween," he whispered to himself, fixing his top hat, "Just be cool. From the minute you walk in the joint, she can see that you're a man of distinction, a real big spe-" he tripped on the step up into the ball room, sprawling out unto the floor.

"Oh no, Captain Weenie!" Carlie exclaimed, running to him, "Are you okay?"

"Uh…I'm fine," he said, getting up and straightening his bowtie, "You should really put a sign there or something."

"I'm glad you came," she said, picking up his top hat and giving it to him, "I know you must be really busy with your superhero life."

"Well I'm never too busy for you, Miss Hart," he said smiling, "Villains and murderers will have to just run wild uninhibited while I'm here."

Carlie looked worried, "Um…yes, I suppose so."

CW walked over to the small group that Carlie was talking to. He would dazzle her with his conversational skills and knowledge of current events. And if that didn't work, he knew really great string tricks that were always a crowd pleaser…at least they were with his parents.

"That's atrocious. I really feel that Roquefort should contribute to the cause, it's such a worthy one," one woman said.

"If you want to talk about worthy causes," CW piped up, "I think that the fight against eneuria has been greatly overlooked."

"Oh really, what's eneuria?" Carlie asked, interested.

"It's a terrible disease, terribly misunderstood, that is," he explained, "It has a stigmatism that keeps those afflicted ashamed and hiding it from others when they should be seeking help."

"Oh dear, that's horrible!"

CW nodded, "I know, it's a personal cause for me," he looked down, "I'm an eneuretic."

"Oh Captain Weenie!" Carlie exclaimed, touching his arm, "I never knew."

CW smiled. Score!

"Wait, isn't eneuria, bedwetting?" a man asked.

The small group looked at him disgusted and annoyed.

"Hehe," CW laughed nervously, "Bedwetting is such a bad term…you see…I drink a lot and…uh…Did I say I was eneuretic, I meant energetic," he jumped up and down, "Wee! Party! Excuse me," he quickly rushed away.

Outside the party…

"Okay boys," Billy Ravioli said, looking through the window, "I see the girl but she's surrounded by a bunch of people, not to mention security. We're going to need some sort of distraction before we can get her out."

"What should we do boss?"

Billy thought, "Hmm, not sure yet, boys. I'll think of something."

Back at the party…

CW sighed. He'd screwed up. He tried to win Carlie over with his charm and charisma but he failed. Maybe he should just leave.

"Maybe I should just leave."

"Leave? But why, Captain?"

CW turned around, "Commissioner McAllery? What are you doing here?"

"I was invited to the party by the Harts," he said, "Mr. Hart and I play golf together on occasion."

"Really? I'm surprised the Harts would associate with a blue collar worker such as yourself," CW said amused, "Well, you're not alone in feeling out of place here, commish."

"I don't feel out of place here," the commissioner said confused.

"I know what you mean," CW sighed, "I just don't think a superhero type like myself can fit it with rich people like the Harts," he looked over at Carlie sadly, "I think I will just leave."

As he prepared to leave, he noticed something wrong.

"Hey," he said looking down at his utility belt, "My pig-in-a-blanket bombs are missing," he searched his costume for them, "Where could they be?"

The commissioner shrugged.

He looked around the room.

"Oh, I didn't know we were serving these," Carlie said, picking up a pig-in-a-blanket.

The Ween's eyes grew wide, "Uh oh!"

As Carlie brought the hazardous hors' doeuvre to her lips, CW raced towards her.

"Carlie! No!" he shouted, knocking her down.

The bomb flew out of her hands and fell to the floor, exploding and taking out half the wall of the ballroom.

Ten minutes later…

"Are you okay, Captain?"

CW slowly came into consciousness, "Huh? Mommy?"

"No…I'm not your mother," Commissioner McAllery said, "It's me, the commissioner, are you okay?"

He got up slowly, "I think so. What happened?"

"Carlie Hart was just about to eat a bomb," the commish explained, "You saved her life."

"Oh, good for me," he said proudly.

"But now because of you, she's missing you idiot!" Mrs. Hart shouted, crying.

"Oh, my bad," he said meekly.

Meanwhile, in the abandoned warehouse…

Carlie Hart slowly regained consciousness, "Where am I?" she looked around, "Who am I?"

"Huh?" Billy Ravioli asked confused, "You don't know who you are?"

She shook her head, "I can't remember a thing."

Joey Linguini smiled, stepping forward, "Well, isn't that a shame. Please, sit up, daughter, there's so much I have to fill you in on."

Farley Residence…

"So now everyone's blaming Captain Weenie! What a jip," Paul exclaimed, slamming down his glass of orange juice, "It's not his fault Carlie Hart is missing! I mean, how was he supposed to know that she would think one of his bombs was something to eat. Just because it looked like food doesn't mean that someone should eat it! Am I right?!"

The Farley family stared at Paul in confusion.

"All I asked was for you to pass the bacon," Mervina Farley, Paul's little sister said, "But forget about it now."

"You seem a little on edge dear," Mrs. Farley said.

"Well you know the only reason the pigeons are revolting is because Captain Weenie is a communist," Mr. Farley said, reading the newspaper upside down.

"I only wish it were that simple, dad," Paul said, getting up, "May I be excused?"

Paul walked into the family dejectedly and plopped down on the couch, turning the television on.

"Now Carlie will never like me," he said, turning to a news station.

"This just in," the news anchor announced, "There is a reported break-in at the First Bank of Roquefort. Police are arriving on the scene and eyewitnesses say that the gang of bank robbers are being led by...Carlie Hart, heiress to the Hart fortune-"

"What?!" Paul exclaimed, jumping off the couch.

"-More on this when information becomes available. Miss Hart has been missing since last night after she was involved in an explosion involving local superhero, Captain Weenie."

"Oh come on, it wasn't my fault," he whined.

First Bank of Roquefort…

Captain Weenie landed at the bank, checking out the situation. Sure enough there were men loading money into a car.

"Don't move a muscle, you bank bamboozling bums!" the Ween shouted, "You'd better return that money before you get a one-way ticket to the big house!"

"Can it, Weenie!" one of the robbers shouted, "Or you're in for it!"

"That's what all the criminals say," CW said, "Before I take them out!"

"Not this time punk!" Billy Ravioli shouted, pulling out his gun.

The Ween threw a Weenerang at him and knocked the gun out of his hand. He whipped out his mustard gun.

"Now drop it evil doers, or face my bitter yellow wrath," he said, aiming the gun at them.

Another robber snuck up behind the Ween with a large sack of money ripe for the clobbering. Luckily Herb arrived just in time to take him out with his Sauerkraut sling.

"I'd do what the Weenie says fellas," Herb told them, stepping up, "You don't want to face down the both of us."

"Glad to see you here Herb," the Ween said, putting away his gun.

"What are you doing?"

"Well, you're going to take care of them, right," he said, "Can't I just watch?"

"You lazy loser!"

"You two superzeros better leave if you know what's good for you."

CW and Herb turned to the sound of the voice.

"Carlie?!" they exclaimed.

Yes, it was the missing Hart heiress, Carlie. Yet she looked completely different. Loaded with heavy makeup, 80's style teased hair and a boxing outfit, complete with gloves, Carlie Hart looked like vicious villainous vixen.

"There's no Carlie here," she said, walking up to them, "The name's Sicily Linguini, but you two can call me Knockout."

"What are you talking about?" Herb asked, "You're Carlie-"

Carlie, or Knockout as it were, turned to him and punched him in the face.

"Oh, now I get the name," Herb said before passing out.

"Carlie, what are you doing?!" CW exclaimed, "You just punched out Herb! I mean, if you didn't like him, you could just give him the cold shoulder or talk about him behind his back. That is what you girls like to do after all…well to me at least and-"

"Stop your babbling, Captain Whiny!" she shouted, "Now listen up and listen closely. My dad, Joey Linguini's taking over Roquefort and you can't do anything to stop him!"

CW scoffed, "'Pasta' Linguini?! No offense Carlie, I don't know what mid-life crisis you're going through but there's no way Roquefort's greatest hero is going to be defeated by a girl who takes hair and makeup advice from Christina Aguilera."

"Oh yeah?" she turned to Ravioli who egged on her, "Well if you're so sure, why don't you give me a little kiss?"

"Uh…kiss?" he squeaked nervously.

"That's right," she said, walking closer to him, "Pucker up, big boy."

"Big boy? No, not me! I still sleep with my Scooby-Doo jammies," he protested, "I still make my mom cut off the crusts to my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!"

"Are you afraid of a little kiss?" she taunted.

"Honestly? Petrified!" he admitted before running and hiding behind a car.

"Wow, you are a knockout," Ravioli said, coming up to her, "Great work, now let's get this back to your dad."

"Right," Knockout said, "Hey Weenie! You ever try to get in our way again, I'll lip smack you all the way from here to the next town over!"

She got into the getaway car with the rest of the gang.

"What a…well, knockout I guess," Herb said, rubbing his jaw as he got up, "I'm pretty sure those boxing gloves were loaded. You okay, CW? CW?" he looked around, "Captain Weenie?!"

"Right here, Herb," CW said, coming out from behind the car.

"What were you doing there?"

"Uh…would you believe planning a strategic attack?" CW asked.

"You were hiding!"

"She was going to kiss me!" CW protested.

"What are you? Five?" he yelled sarcastically, "You know, it's been proven that girl's don't have cooties, you immature idiot!"

"I know, I saw that news report on CNN too," he said lowering his head, "But this is different. It's Carlie!"

"Who just let the Pasta's gang get away with stolen money!"

"You're a glass half empty kind of guy, aren't you Herbie?!"

"I'll give you a 5-second head start," Herb said with quiet anger.

"Uh…Herb, now calm down," CW said, backing away, "I'll find a way to fix this."


"Don't do anything hasty. I'm the superhero remember?!"


"And a bleeder!"


"Mommy!" CW screamed, running down the street for his life as Herb chased him.

The Pasta's Hideout…

"What'd I tell you?! I knew my little girl would come through," Joey, the Pasta, said proudly.

"Thanks Daddy," Carlie said happily counting her cut of the money, "But that Captain Weenie and Herb…I don't know, something about them seems really familiar."

The Pasta panicked momentarily, "Well that's only because we've come across them every time we've tried to make a living for ourselves and they've ruined it for us. But now, it's different."

"I wonder why they kept calling me Carlie?" she asked.

"Who knows, those two have been sniffing some many condiments for so long, I'm surprised they don't call themselves Carlie," Steven Penne, another member of the crime family, answered.

"Right," the Pasta agreed, "Just concentrate on keeping the Ween far away from us and I'll take care of the rest. Okay honey?"

"No problem, dad," Carlie said smiling, "Getting rid of Captain Weenie will be my pleasure."

Hot Dog Headquarters…

"Okay, we need to find out why Carlie is doing this and for what reason," Herb said, accessing the files of the Weeniputer.

"Right," CW said pacing the room, "Wait! I know! Carlie obviously saw me talking to that wealthy dowager at the party and went insane with jealously, taking up a life of crime."

"You're kidding, right?" Herb asked, looking at him.

"It could happen."

Herb shook his head in disgust, "Okay, this is what we know, so far. Carlie has been missing since yesterday at the party and today she shows up robbing a bank for Joey 'the Pasta' Linguini. What's the connection?"

"I've got it! The Hart family is in debt to the Pasta and Carlie had to become one of his goons in order to make up the money!"


"Okay, okay," CW said, holding up his hands, "I'll be quiet."

"Let's see," Herb brought up a file on the Pasta on the Weeniputer, "Carlie said that the Pasta was her dad, how is that possible?"



"No, wait," the Ween rushed to the computer, "I've seen that guy before!"

Herb enlarged the picture of one of the Pasta's men, "Who? Billy Ravioli?"

"Yeah, that was the guy who tried to take Carlie's purse yesterday."

"You mean the one you let get away?"

CW rolled his eyes, "Hello?! That was like so 1999!"

"It was yesterday, stupid!"

"Oh, right," he said remembering, "Anyway, yeah, that's the guy."

"Hmm," Herb said, leaning back in the chair, "So one of Joey the Pasta's men tries to rob Carlie yesterday and today she's working with them. Maybe they kidnapped her."

"But why? They didn't even ask for any money and that's the only thing she can do, get them money."

"Well she can also make you pass out, you weak-Wait a minute!" Herb stood up, "That's it!"

"What?" CW asked confused.

"Didn't you say that Knockout tried to kiss you today?" Herb asked excitedly.

"Okay, once again…1999," the Ween said, flippantly.

"Shut up and pay attention," Herb snapped, "Yesterday after you saved her, she kissed you and you passed out letting Ravioli go. He must have gone back to the Pasta and told him what happened. Don't you see?"

"Oh," CW said slowly, "I get it now."

"No you don't."

"No I don't."

Herb sighed, "They're using Carlie as a weapon against you. Every time she kisses you or tries to, you, like the spaz you are, freak out and let them escape."

"Oh…hey! That's not cool!"

"We've got to stop them," Herb said, "But what I still don't understand is why Carlie is going along. They must have her brainwashed."

"Those malicious mobsters!" CW exclaimed angrily, slamming his fist into his palm, "I would never let them brainwash me!"

"In order to be brainwashed, you would need a brain," Herb retorted.

"Phew! Lucky me," the Ween said relieved, "So what do we do about Carlie?"

The Hot Dog Hotline rang.

"Hello, Captain Weenie here, may I ask who's speaking?" CW said after picking up the phone.

"It's me, Captain, the commissioner."

"Oh, commish, what a nice surprise," CW said pleasantly.

"Not really, I'm the only one who calls this line remember?"

"Really?" CW asked, "Interesting. So what's the problem commissioner?"

"The Pasta's gang is holding up the El Grande Queso Casino!"

"Oh no! We'll be right there commish!" he hung up, "We've go to get down to the casino right now!"

"What do you mean 'we'?" Herb said, "You're staying here?"


"I can't risk you botching things up if Knockout's there," Herb said, getting on a Weenicycle, "It's better if I go alone."

Captain Weenie sulked as Herb sped off on the Weenicycle.

El Grande Queso Casino…

"Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt!" Knockout shouted, trying to pick up a sack of cash with her gloved hands.

"The only person that's going to get hurt is you, Knockout!" Herb shouted from behind her, "And your overcooked Pasta gang!"

She turned around smiling, "Oh great! It's Herb. Where's your loser boss?"

"A. He's not my boss," Herb told her, jumping down from the top of the stairs, "And b. Don't try to change the subject."

She tossed aside the sack, "Why don't we go a couple of rounds?" she put up her gloves.

"Sorry Knockout, but I can't hurt you," Herb said, "Because I know that you're really Carlie Hart. I'm here to help you and bring you back to your family."

"I'm with my family," she insisted, "My crime family! Put the squeeze on that squeeze bottle, boys!"

The Pasta's gang ran towards Herb surrounding him. Herb stepped back, pulling out his mustard gun. He sprayed them all back, causing them to slip and fall on the floor. He used his sauerkraut sling to tie them up and then went after Knockout.

"Listen to me, Knockout," he said calmly, "Your real name is Carlie Hart. And your parents, the Harts, really miss you! Don't you remember?"

"No…" she said uneasily, "I don't remember anything that happened before yesterday."

"Amnesia? Of course, that's why you're acting like this!" Herb said, snapping his fingers, "Well now that we know what's wrong, we can fix it. Don't worry, I can get you help."

"Really?" she asked, her eyes watering up, "You can help me?"

"Of course," he said holding out his hand, "Just come with me and we'll give you your life back."

She smiled and took his hand. Holding it tight, she punched him in the stomach, elbowing him in the back as he bent down in pain and kicking him in the face, knocking him down.

"Sorry Herbie," she said sinisterly, "But Knockout doesn't need any help. Especially from you…Actually," she looked at him unconscious on the floor, "Maybe you can help me."

Hot Dog Headquarters…

CW paced the headquarters. Herb should have been back by now. He already checked the news and there was nothing about the casino heist. He knew he should have gone with Herb. His attention turned to the Hot Dog Hotline as it rang.

"Hello? Herb?" he asked after picking up.

"No, it's me, the commissioner."

"Oh, hi commissioner," the Ween said, "How'd you get this number?"

"I always-nevermind," he answered sighing, "Anyway, there's trouble, Captain. I'm at the casino right now and there's no sign of the Pasta's gang or Miss Hart."

"What about Herb?"

"We can't find him either," the commissioner explained, "But we have an idea where he is. Knockout left a note here for you."

"What does it say?"

Secret Villain Hideout…

Captain Weenie walked into the old spaghetti sauce manufacturer's building. He looked around, searching for any sign of Herb or Pasta's gang. Suddenly the lights went on all at the same time.

"Welcome to your nightmare, Weenie!" someone shouted.

"My nightmare?! But I'm not naked, or at school," he said confused.

"It's just an expression, you idiot!" a familiar voice rang.

"Herb?! Is that you? Where are you?" CW shouted, looking around.

"We're over here," Knockout said, as a spotlight moved around the building finally landing on a boxing ring.

"Uh oh," CW muttered, "I don't like where this is going."

"If you want to get your friend back alive," Knockout said, "You'd better step up to the ring."

The Ween sighed, they had done some boxing at school and like most sports, he failed miserably at it. Hopefully the fact that Knockout was a girl would work to his advantage, though the memories of being beaten up by many girls hinted that it might not.

"Uh…I'd like to just say," CW said as he got into the ring, "That I am totally against violence. I don't even watch Bugs Bunny cartoons."

"Can it, Captain!" Knockout snapped. She grabbed a bound Herb and shoved him forward, out of the ring. He was taken by the Pasta's men and placed in a tomato puree machine.

"Now if you win against me or can last one round without being knocked out, I'll let your sidekick go," she said, "But if you can't, I get to kill both of you."

"Both of us?!" CW exclaimed, "Can't you just kill Herb and let me feel guilty?!"

"You coward!" Herb shouted from the machine.

"Okay, okay," CW said, holding up his hands in mock surrender, "You have a deal. One round."

"Good," Knockout said, fixing her gloves, "And no utility belt or any fancy gadgets."

"Aw man!" he whined, taking off his belt and tossing it aside.

"Let's get ready to rumble!" Alfredo Tortellini shouted, acting as referee, "Let's keep this clean, Weenie. Knockout, you're allowed to use every dirty trick in the book."

"Hey, that's not fair!"

"We're criminals," Tortellini said, "What'd you expect?"

He backed out of the way and Knockout immediately swung at the Ween. He dodged the punch and ran to the farthest corner of the ring.

"Herb!" he shouted, "What should I do?!"

"She has amnesia!" Herb told him, "Try to get her to remember who she really is! It's our only hope!"

"Right," he said, turning back to Knockout as she approached him.

"Oh and Captain Weenie!" Herb shouted.


"Whatever you do, don't let her kiss-"

Knockout grabbed the Ween and planted a big wet one on his cheek.

"-you,' Herb finished weakly.

CW's eyes grew wide and his face grew bright red and he teetered and stumbled along the ring dizzyingly, "Can't…kiss…breathe…kiss…Herb dies…kiss," he stopped and fell over on Knockout, taking her down with him. They hit the ground hard, Knockout hitting her head while the Ween had the protection of his bunshield.

"Well that was unsurprisingly quick and obvious in its outcome," Herb said, using a secret Weenerang to cut his ropes.

The Pasta's men rushed unto the ring pulling up Captain Weenie and checking on their fallen leader.

"Hey, doesn't this mean that Captain Weenie technically won," Penne said, "I mean, Knockout hit the ground before he did!"

"Who cares? We're going to kill him anyway," Billy Ravioli said, taking him to the tomato puree where Herb was, "Hey!" he exclaimed as he saw that the machine was missing one sidekick, "Where'd that kid go?!"

"Right here!" Herb shouted, punching them out and taking care of the rest with a mustard gas pellet.

He grabbed Captain Weenie and slapped him around to wake him up, "Hey, CW, wake up!"

CW opened his eyes slowly, "Huh? What happened?"

"You won," Herb said, helping him up, "But yet still managed to lose. Go fig."

"What about Knockout?" he asked as they headed for the ring.

They got back in the ring and woke up Knockout.

"Uhnn…" she murmured, waking up, "Ow, my head…where am I?"

"Don't move Knockout!" CW shouted, taking out his mustard gun and aiming it at her, "I didn't want to have to do this but it looks like you're going to jail!"

"What? What are you talking about CW?" Carlie asked confused.

"Wait," Herb said, pushing down the Captain's gun, "Did you just call him CW?"

Carlie nodded, "We always call him that Herb," she looked at them, "What's up with you guys?" she looked around, "And how did I get here? Is the party over already?" she looked down at her clothes, "And why am I dressed like an extra from the Moulin Rouge?"

CW and Herb looked at each other.

"I think the Carlie Hart we know is back," CW said as he helped her up, "Welcome back Miss Hart."

The luxurious Hart mansion…

"We're so glad we have our little girl back!" Mrs. Hart gushed, hugging Carlie for the umpteenth time.

"It's good to be back, Mom," Carlie said, "I can't thank you enough, Captain Weenie, Herb."

"It was nothing," Herb said smiling, "We're just glad you're back on the right side of the law."

"Yeah and that you realized frizzy hair and heavy makeup was so 1983."

"I owe you guys my life," she leaned over to kiss them.

"No!" they shouted, stepping back.

Everyone looked at them strangely.

"Uh…a simple handshake will do just fine," CW said, taking Carlie's hand.