Dumb bitch

Maybe she's lost too many brain cells already?

Baby, there's a surprise waiting for you

He gives it to you when you're sprawled face down on his floor

His fist in your mouth to smother your cries

His hands on your body


Why are you screaming?


This is what you're here for, this is why you live


Don't you understand? Inferior. You serve for no better purpose

No better

Stop your screams

Shut the fuck up

Don't you want your surprise, baby?

You'll get it when he pulls your hair and forces you down

Bend over baby…

Skin: sticky, salty, sweaty, savaged, screaming, smeared, scabbed, scared, scarred.

He almost wants to laugh at how pathetic she looks

Some morbid toy, Fair Clown gone wrong

Take a photo

You wouldn't want to kiss those swollen, broken lips

Not as pretty as she used to before

Bruised blue, runny make up

Hasn't been as pretty for a while now…

Baby I'm sorry. It wont happen again

Fucking dumb bitch

Doll. Dull. Dead?

Not yet. We've only just begun.

Suck it

He'd pay to hear her sing

Incoherent, tearful slurs of a song

And what pretty art they make everytime its fuck time

He'll make her wash it over

Wring every ounce of his decimation from every fibre of those bedsheets


Why are you crying?

This is what you wanted. This is what you deserve.

Teach her a fucking lesson

Tattered wings fail to save you now, Dark Angel

You learned too late to save yourself

Or remain unsaved

It's been a long time coming

It's a long time coming every night

Be still and know that I am God

Duct taped and raped

Welcome to the beginning of the rest of your life