Hi. I'm glad you opened this and got this far. This is my second original story written by myself. I hope you all enjoy it. Please note that this page will be updated as the story progresses as I have no idea where this will go... I only have a vague idea thus far that just refuses to let me sleep in peace. It's been eating at me for a while now, demanding to be let out. This page contains the summary and warnings that this story will carry and will be updated as things happen. So please keep an eye on this page.

I downgraded the story for now because there is no mature content as of yet. I don't really intend to put in any but should the story develop in such a manner, I will either upgrade the story or edit the chapter so that the upgrade is not required and send the unedited version upon request.


It is intended to be Shounen Ai/Yaoi. For those of you that do not know what this means it means it will carry male/male relationships so if this bothers you, you are welcome to click on the back button or, type another url, or click on any of the other shortcuts to various places on this website located at the top of the page.

This story contains use of Language.Not too much I would hope and I certainly do not mean for it to be offensive. I will try to keep it down to a minimum as I myself am not a big fan of swearwords but you have to admit, sometimes they are rather descriptive in context.

Does general craziness require a warning?

Additional warning: Stock bonds! (Confused? Why don't you read inside and find out?)


A student is given a crazy assignment. The assignment? To keep a diary. But then the diary is lost and found by another instigating an interesting chain of events influencing not only the author of the diary but also the reader. And so begins the search for the author of the little black book and a journey of self discovery. Often, what we perceive both about ourselves and others is not what it would initially appear to be. Discovering what really is… takes courage, tenacity and most certainly a bit of stubborn will. Anything that takes that much effort, is bound to change our lives forever.

Chapter 1: Diary. Why must I keep a diary? What type of person keeps a bloody diary? Assignment my ass.

Chapter 2: True, he has issues but he's certainly not paying me enough to deal with them. He's not paying me at all… in fact, get this, I am paying HIM. I want a refund. Can I have a refund?

Chapter 3: "Someone just asked me what drugs I was on! Would you believe it? They think I'm on DRUGS!" He doubled over laughing.

Chapter 4: Seth had been well and truly convinced that he had won. That he was safe. It was this certainty and relief that was his ultimate downfall.

Chapter 5: Oh well. What am I supposed to say about loneliness? It's over-rated, unappreciated, indiscriminate and underachieved by most.

Chapter 6: This is not a topic to be taken lightly… or one to be given to a bunch of hormonal idiots that think with parts other than their brain.

Sneak Peek

Chapter 7

Seth shifted awkwardly, horribly uncomfortable, uncertain of both the situation and himself. Cold silver stared at him. The coldest pair of eyes he had ever seen, clearly telling him his presence was unwelcome. Seth swallowed past a throat gone suddenly dry, anxiety keeping his senses strangely alert, eagerly awaiting any sign that might indicate what was expected of him, the desire to escape foremost in his mind.

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