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Little Black Book

Topic: ...

Seth needed privacy and he needed it now. He was tired of Kaoru taking over and dragging him around in an effort to make him more sociable. True, if he really wanted to find the owner of the diary he needed to get to know the people around him enough to narrow it down to one person but exposure to Kou and Shairan had simply been too much. The argument had been rather explosive and Kaoru's cryptic words in response to all his questions had not managed to clear up Seth's confusion. For someone whose life had been rather organized and structured up till this point, confusion was becoming a far too familiar state.

Deciding that enough was enough Seth slipped into the room, snatched up the little black book and turned to leave without so much as a word to Kaoru. Kaoru, however, was having none of it. "Where are you going?" Kaoru was lying on his bed, his skin tight emerald top creeping up his body and revealing far too much skin by Seth's standards. Then again, it isn't all that hard to reveal too much skin by Seth's standards.

"To the library, to study." Seth was amazed at both the speed at which he managed to come up with a reply and the ease of the lie passing his lips. It was an ingenious response in his opinion. Two things Kaoru did not do was read or study so the library was the perfect place to escape to. A place Kaoru was unlikely to follow him to.

Unfortunately for him, Kaoru is no fool and is in actual fact far more observant than initially perceived. "With the diary? Last I checked you don't do psychology." The smirk on Kaoru's lips was more than a touch smug complimenting the victory and glee sparkling in his eyes.

"Yes, with the diary. I'd like some privacy for a change." Seth retorts without even blinking an eye. Kaoru could tease all he wished. Seth's mind was already made up and he wasn't about to let Kaoru gain the upper hand once more. Right now he needed time away, time to think and time to regroup. He was beyond caring what Kaoru would say and do and it seems Kaoru sensed as much. He gave Seth a nod of acknowledgement before glancing away to resume what he has been doing before Seth entered the room: casually painting his nails.

Heaving a sigh of relief Seth slipped out the room once more, escaping the chaos that was his roommate with far less difficulty than initially anticipated. Seth, however, never made it to the library, his body and mind at odds with one another. Distracted and lost in deep thought he simply let his feet take him where they would only to stop in shock when he found himself back where it had all begun. The wind rustled through the leaves, dull sunlight dancing upon the ground, the very air whispered, promising sanctuary, secrets and many other things unseen before simply wrapping Seth in its embrace, tempting him away from his reality.


Soft rustling intrudes upon the silence of the little cove alerting him to a presence other than his own. Something, a wild instinct, a desire for self preservation causes Seth to jump in shock and the little black book closes with a soft thump. Black… black is carried, cradled in peach and slips into darkness once more, hidden, treasured and zealously guarded against an intruder that may wish to snatch the knowledge, the insight that the tiny black scrawl upon pure white seems to promise.

"Kiran?" Seth's exclamation of surprise is softened by the surreal atmosphere of the tiny grove, gentle leaves whispering falling to land unnoticed in bright green hair. "You scared me." Tense muscles relax and Seth slumps against the tree beneath which he is seated, unnoticed fear draining away to be forgotten, unheard, unheeded.

Kiran drops down beside Seth, staring up into the leaves of the whispering tree. "Fancy meeting you here." Kiran glances at Seth, grinning happily. Kiran's grin suddenly disappears to be replaced by a solemn expression. "So what, pray tell, dear sir, bringest thou to the sanctity of the magic grove?" Light giggles shatter the solemn moment and Seth is hard pressed to keep up with Kiran's changing moods. It takes him a moment to register the words, their meaning and the teasing behind them. Realization pulls a pained expression from Seth suddenly releasing a storm of leaves and grass upon the giggling brunette.

"Uncle! Uncle! Seth! I call UNCLE!" Kiran falls back and rolls around in an attempt to dodge all the leaves and grass that Seth is now throwing at him. Giggles course through him, sunshine dancing upon his skin. "I was only joking!" Kiran's breath is ragged as he tries to speak, breath made ragged by both motion and laughter.

"Oh, but I thought a tribute to the magic grove was in order and what better way to give tribute than to sacrifice a virginal beauty? It be but common knowledge that a sacrifice must first be prepared, bathed in pleasant scent and draped in natural beauty." Seth gathered an extra large amount of grass and leaves and threw it over Kiran, covering the brunette in nature's glory. "Oh glorious mother nature, please accept my tribute to this grove and thy beauty. I ask that you accept my humble assistant into your embrace and grace us with blessings once more." Reaching for a stick Seth raised it up, pretending it was a ceremonial dagger about to be plunged into Kiran's chest.

"Hey!" Kiran exclaims the tables well and truly turned on him. With only one viable recourse, left open to him, he threw himself at Seth, tumbling the accountant turned actor over and into the grass, blindly grasping at stray grass and leaves in order to retaliate. "No sacrificing this virginal beauty. I think you'd be far more suitable, what with your green hair and all."

Seth caught his hands with ease and raised an eyebrow when Kiran squirmed against him, attempting to get away though he was now well and truly trapped by one larger and stronger than he. "Really? You're a virgin?"

Kiran stops dead, his muscles tense, his gaze locked onto Seth. "And that would be a bad thing because?" Kiran's voice had lost it's light tone. "I happen to value my virginity. Sex should be reserved for someone special, don't you think?" Kiran raised an eyebrow, doing his best to take on a haughty manner yet failing miserably. Shrugging out of Seth's grasp he slid off Seth back to the ground, watching Seth carefully all the while waiting for his response.

"Yes, I think." Seth sat up and proceeded to brush the stray sand and grass off his body. "It's just that it's so rare these days."

Kiran sighed dropping down to lie in the grass and gaze up at the sky once more. "Yes it is… far too rare." Kiran frowned, squinting up at the sun before gathering himself to abruptly stand up. "Anyway, I need to be going. I have a test tomorrow morning and still need to study." Kiran smiled at Seth but something in that smile seemed forced and uncomfortable. Not giving Seth a chance to respond, Kiran turned and left, leaving Seth wondering as to what that had all been about. All too soon though, Kiran was forgotten and stray thoughts were once more drawn to a little black book and the mysteries it held.


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