Silent Err in the Mind

You held me in the silence

I felt nothing but your cold embrace

I tried to give you a hint

But you weren't listening to my silence

I cried to you

Can't you read my thoughts?

Isn't it obvious how little we know each other

For we can not even hear the silence

The silence I scream, it's deafening

I try to warn you

Try to save us

from the silent longing

the longing for another

the need for nostolgia

the need to be satisfied

by another

The temptation lies in wait

It's in all the corners

where all the shadows whisper his name

Don't leave me alone to be consumed

I cried to the stars

I am already sorry

I cry to the sky

I ask for forgiveness I don't deserve

You know how much you mean to me

But you don't know what I'm thinking

You don't know what's going on inside of me

I want you to console me, but the words die on your lips

There is nothing but silence here

So loud I can't even hear myself think

Silence that echoes and reflects on my heart

Silence beating relentlessly at my soul.

It's an err in the mind

An err in the mind

cannot be evaded

can't be lessoned...

I fall to the ground

to my face

I ask for forgiveness

that I refuse to take

Why must fate be so cruel

Why can't I break away?

You'll be sinned against!

What is this you must be put up against!

I can't be redeemed

My sin runs too deep

You won't listen to my silence

I have nothing but dispair

It's an err in the mind

can't be misplaced

defaced, nor erased

It's an err in the mind

a weight in the heart

but a lightness in the soul

Can't you hear the silence?

It's so loud I can't hear my own thoughts.

It resonates and echoes

reflects on my soul

pounds against my heart

Can't you feel it?

It's eating me alive

Silence that eats away my life

Please forgive me

You've been sinned against

I will not take any redemption

For I have sinned against thee

The truth will not set me free