"And I don't want you to know where I am."


Once you do

I will lose you.

"And I can't let that happen. Again."

Or maybe

You're already lost.

But no.

That can't be.

Should I

Let the fact that it's Friday

Keep me from being in hell?

Should I

Let the fact that you're gone

Keep me from hoping my heart out?

You promised.

Didn't you?

Or was that another illusion?

Another dream

Another wish

Another pathetic attempt to live?

These words

Again and again

"take my hand

take my hand

and never let go?"


Really really.

So where are you now?

Somewhere else

Where you don't have to care

About my crap.




Because you know

I never believed you in the first place.


Lie lie lie.

Keeps me from falling apart.