Dolls of Death
Fire Angel

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is something I started off for a 1000 word English project, believe it or
not. Then I just decided I liked writing it. It ended off with about 15,000 words or something.
It's supposed to be set in Australia, where I live. I'm actually pretty happy with it, and I hope
you enjoy it; there's a sequel coming up soon! You
can e-mail me comments at the same address as always: rinoa_heartilly86 ^_^ Ciao!

Dolls of Death

The girl had always loved playing with dolls. Even when she was twelve years old, she would bring
the dolls to school and spend her lunchtime dressing them up. Then she would pretend they were
going to parties at each other's houses, but somehow the parties would always end up with
everyone dead. The girl had an anger control disorder, and because of this she was extremely
violent. She loved pretending to kill her dolls… but they were her only friends, and she never
damaged them in any way.

The girl was teased by her peers; no-one played with dolls when they were twelve. But she
continued playing with them anyway.

Then one day, a young boy decided to play a joke on the girl. He stole two of her favourite
dolls, a boy and a girl, from her schoolbag. He ripped their heads off, and then replaced them…
but the boy's head was on the girl's, and the girl's head was on the boy's. Everyone started
following the boy's example. They would steal the dolls and rip their heads off. Sometimes they
would remove other limbs.

The owner of the dolls was furious. She decided that when she was older, she would get her
revenge on these people. They would die just like her dolls died. And finally… the day has come
for her to get her revenge. All of the people who had killed her friends, and those close to
them, would be destroyed.