Dolls of Death
Fire Angel

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Dolls of Death

Brittany, Jordan, Cara and Alexa watched helplessly as Andrea, Taylor and Aaron were lifted onto
stretchers and into the ambulance. There was nothing they could do for Aaron now.
"Aaron…" Brittany whispered, shaking her head.
"At least his parents will know he died fighting," Jordan said. "Fighting to stop all of us from
getting killed. He was very brave."
"As was Taylor," Cara added, a soft smile lighting her face. "He saved us, in the end."
"Yeah, he did," Alexa nodded. "He pumped Andrea full of lead."
Brittany saw a small, dark figure lying in the grass, and she bent over and picked it up.
"What is it?" Jordan asked, taking her hand in his own.
Brittany smiled softly, and replied, "It's a Barbie doll." She looked up to the sky and
whispered, "I'm sorry Andrea… I'm so sorry."

"It's okay," Jordan said, taking her in his arms as the ambulance drove away, sirens blaring.
"It's all over now."
She smiled at him, and whispered, "I know."
He lent over and kissed her.
"Happy birthday, Brittany."

* * * *

She looked at her surroundings furiously. She was in one of those padded cells… the ones they put
crazy people in. She looked in the small mirror that was hanging on one wall. Her wounds were
healing, but her face was terribly scarred.
"They're going to pay for this," she snarled to her reflection. Looking into the box that was
sitting in one corner of the padded room, she pulled out a Barbie doll, which was missing an arm
and a leg. It had a Ken's head. "We'll get them, won't we?"
She smiled wickedly. The gun had been loaded with blanks. Blanks, which were enough to smash
Aaron's head in, but not enough to kill her.
"They will pay for what they did to you, Heather… I promise."