Wahoo! Just got back from New York! But they had no computer for me to use over there, and thus, I went through minor withdrawal. TT I need my computer to live! > I was reduced to writing my poems and ideas in a notebook! I'm left handed...it all smudged...sniff But here is some of my latest work.


We blend in with the world
Blink for a second and you'll miss us
We're right in front of you
But you'll never notice
Never even give us a second look
We're hard to find
But impossible to miss
You might see us with are backs to the wall
Having someone bigger demanding money
Or we're the person sitting next to you
Never talking only sitting
Or just maybe we might be the one who always raises their hand
Getting 100 on all our tests
But you don't care
Because we blend in
In a second we'll be gone
Even if we're right in front of you
You'll never even guess
You see…we're wallpaper kids
We blend in with the world…