Last Stop

It was a strange, yet normal fog that hung in the midnight air. Strange, because it seemed to change the atmosphere, like some evil had possessed the night. Normal, because one became used to a perpetually thick fog this time of year. The streets were quiet, with a sprinkling of late night drivers breaking the otherwise deathly silence. It seems that everyone didn't have anything to do on Saturday nights, so they just drove around wasting time and gas money. One of the cars decided that it would be wise to turn up the volume of very bad music. The others glared at the car through their windows, and they kept glaring until they turned a corner and out of sight. Everyone was going somewhere. Maybe they weren't. Maybe they were, as I said, wasting time and gas money.

As for me, I had nowhere to go. I was sitting on bench, with an isolated street light above me. The bus was supposed to come soon. It was the last bus of the hour, and it was headed to a place unknown to me. Despite the fact that I had no idea where I was going, I continued sitting there staring blankly at the ground. My suitcase was by my leg. There was barely anything inside the suitcase—a few clothes, little money, and few hope for a better tomorrow.

I sighed bitterly and put my face in my rough hands. There were a few wrinkles on my face now, and I felt the loose skin. If I had looked in the mirror, I also would've saw gray hair sticking out random places of my short, dark hair. This was all that was left of me. I was getting old and weary—almost too tired to even live another day. Not that I was suicidal, of course. However, I wouldn't be surprised if I took that course, as well.

I didn't know what I was doing on the bench. I guess you could say I was running away. Running away from what? From the toils of my life and the many ordeals I faced? Not necessarily. To be honest, I just need to get away from everything for a while. I could run through my fifty years of life and tell you just how depressing it is. It's almost like one of those movies, where everything just keeps getting worse and worse. But how worse could it get? I don't want to know, and I'm certainly not waiting to find out just how worse it could get.