Fly on the wings

Of a dream faraway

And take to the winds of the world

Where we will go

Is not where we will stay

Forever traveling through time and beyond

Swim in the ocean

The waves taking their course

Sweep through wind and through rain

Feel the water on your skin

The salt in you mouth

And feel the freedom in your veins

Walk on the hills and the mountains

Feel the wind blow through your hair

Feel the grass beneath your feet

And wander through forest of memories

Through the dreams of friends

Turn to the face of the world and feel its wonder

Journeys are forever going on

No journey is ever ended

Through air, through water and through land

So take to the air, water or land

And take to your journey

Waiting for you at (what is possibly) the end

Is the glory or being there

The remembrance of your journey

Forever there

The obstacles you faced

The people that helped you

And may you thank those souls

Journeys are never ended

And never begun

They're always there

The story of never ending life