You've always asked me if I believed in love,

But I've never known what love truly is.

Is it the patience?

Is it the passion, the fire?

It is the anger, does it involve broken hearts?

I want to know,

Before I answer your question.


All I want is the truth,

No twisting and spinning in a maze.

All I want is your sincerest thoughts,

As I attempt the unknown.

Take a deep breath as you plunge into my thoughts,

And I'll show you places you've never known

In my wild mind,

I never knew what was right,

But that would never stop me,

From reaching the sky,

No it wouldn't stop me,

No matter how high.


What is friendship?

Is it a silent agreement between 2 strangers?

What are the differences between friends and foes?

I'll never know and that's for sure.

What's the difference between love and friendship?

Aren't they all a sort of love?


Once again you'll learn the truth behind all the puzzles,

Cuz I've learned all the answers,

And what else could I do but share?