Goodnight Sweet



Panel 1


Jimmy (narrating): I love the sound of ripping flesh


Panel 2

A close up of Jimmy's eyes, light reflecting off his glasses.

Jimmy (narrating): It's almost like fabric. There's a moment right before it tears, when the skin is taut. If you run your fingers along it, you can feel the fibers. It's lovely.

Panel 3

Chandler, dressed in business clothing, is walking to her car in an open parking lot. Her car is the only one in the lot. Jimmy is watching her from under a street light. He is a black shadow against the light.

Jimmy (narrating): People generally aren't aware, but flesh comes in different consistencies. Sometimes they're as tough as packing tape, other times, they're as fragile as wrapping paper. I like those people. They remind me of Christmas.


Panel 4

A close up on half of Jimmy's face. It is blank.

Jimmy (narrating): And Christmas reminds me of love.

Panel 5

A close up of Jimmy's fingers poking out from his coat.

Jimmy (narrating): The best presents are hand wrapped.


Panel 6 (COLOR)

Chandler is lying naked on a red silk bed, red silk blankets barely covering her. All of the colors in this panel are sharp and vivid.

Jimmy (narrating): They say people dream in black and white. They say that dreams have meaning and we can never die in them.

Panel 7

Close up of Jimmy's face. He's grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

Jimmy (narrating): But we do it every day, don't we.


Panel 8

Business Chandler has just reached her car. The streetlight where Jimmy was standing is empty.

Jimmy (narrating): I know what you're thinking. "This guy's crazy." Or "What a psycho!"

Panel 9

A close up of Chandler's hand unlocking the car.

Jimmy (narrating): But you know something?

Panel 10

Chandler enters her car.

Panel 11

Chandler is sitting in the driver's seat. Jimmy is visible over her right shoulder in the back seat.

Jimmy (narrating): We're the same.


Panel 12

An overhead shot of Chandler's car driving through an empty street.

Jimmy (narrating): After all, we both want things out of life. We both eat, we both drink, we both breathe.

Panel 13 (COLOR)

Chandler's wrist and hand are lying limply on the red bed. Blood flecks the wrist and a bit of it drips from her fingertip.

Panel 14


Jimmy (narrating): We both feel.


Panel 15

Close up of Chandler's face while driving the car. She is unaware of Jimmy's presence.

Jimmy (narrating): There are little things I like about them.

Panel 16

Over Jimmy's shoulder, he's staring at Chandler's neck. A small white circle is drawn around the nape of her neck.

Jimmy (narrating): The nape of their necks.

Panel 17

A close up of Chandler's chest. A small white circle is drawn around the breastbone.

Jimmy (narrating): The place between their breasts.


Panel 18 (COLOR)

Jimmy is on the red bed with Chandler, raping her. Her t-shirt is still on, but that is all. Her legs are spread but the actual penetration is hidden by Jimmy's body. She looks terrified. A small white circle is drawn around the place where the inside of her thigh meets her pelvis (her pelvis is hidden by Jimmy).

Jimmy (narrating): The muscle that pokes out when their legs are spread.


Panel 19

Jimmy's eyes/glasses shine against the darkness.

Jimmy (narrating): Remember,

Panel 20


Jimmy (narrating): We're the same.


Panel 21

Chandler's car pulls into a driveway.

Panel 22

Chandler gets out.

Panel 23

Chandler walks to the front door.

Panel 24

Jimmy's form is standing behind Chandler as she fumbles to unlock her front door.

Panel 25

Close up of Chandler's eyes. They look suspicious.

Panel 26

Chandler spins around.


Panel 27

No one is there. Chandler is alone in her front yard.


Panel 28

Chandler enters her house.

Jimmy (narrating): People aren't actually afraid of the dark, or silence, or even death.

Panel 29

Chandler drops her purse on a table next to the door.

Panel 30

Chandler walks past the doorway to the kitchen, in which Jimmy is standing.

Jimmy (narrating): They're afraid of what might be in that void.

Panel 31

Jimmy is standing in a white light. His entire head has been smeared so it's unrecognizable.

Jimmy (narrating): They're afraid of me.


Panel 32

Chandler is walking up the stairs.

Jimmy (narrating): But I'm not that scary. After all…

Panel 33

Chandler is standing at the top of the stairs. Jimmy is standing less then an inch behind her.

Jimmy (narrating): I'm only human.


Panel 44

Jimmy is still standing close behind Chandler, eyes closed, inhaling. She too has her eyes closed, as if under a spell.

Jimmy (narrating): In fact, I don't feel as if I embody fear. On the contrary,

Panel 45

Close up on Jimmy's smile.


Panel 46 (COLOR)

Chandler is again naked under red satin sheets. She is looking out of the panel demurely.

Jimmy (narrating): I am a champion of love.


Panel 47

Chandler enters her bedroom, removing her suit coat.

Jimmy (narrating): Love is hard to find. It only happens rarely,

Panel 48 (COLOR)

Chandler is standing covered only by the red sheets wrapped around her. She looks coy and has her finger crooked in a "come hither" motion.

Jimmy (narrating): like in dreams,

Panel 49 (COLOR)

Jimmy is kneeling over Chandler's body, which has been ripped open.

Jimmy (narrating): or on Christmas.


Panel 50

Chandler is unbuttoning her shirt.

Jimmy (narrating): I really don't understand why people would fear the void.

Panel 51

Chandler takes off her business shirt.

Jimmy (narrating): There's nothing to be afraid of.

Panel 52

Chandler takes off her bra, although all that can be seen is her back.

Jimmy (narrating): The void is filled with

Panel 53

Chandler puts on the same shirt she's wearing in Panel 18.


Panel 54

Chandler turns. Jimmy is standing less then an inch in front of her.

Panel 55

Jimmy's face, looking at Chandler. It is empty.

Panel 56

Chandler's face, looking at Jimmy. She is terrified.

Panel 57

Both of them are standing close, looking each other in the eye.

Jimmy: I love you.


Panel 58


Jimmy (narrating): They say people dream in black and white.


Panel 59

Jimmy's glasses sitting upside down on a wooden table.

Jimmy (narrating): I want to dream in color.