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Chapter 1

Okay. It's official. . ! I don't even know why I'm so nervous. College doesn't start for another three weeks and I'm nervous already! WAAA! Okay Aiden, breathe. Deep breath in… and out. Maybe I should go make me a cup of tea. Hopefully that will do.

As Aiden lazily slid out of his bed, his pajama shirt rose, slightly exposing the creamy skin above his bellybutton. His feet padded quietly across the wooden floor of his room, to the hallway, and then to the carpeted stairs. Since nobody else was awake, none of the lights were on in the house, so Aiden held on to the banister as he made his way down to the first story of the house. As soon as his foot hit the floor, something furry and unseen swept past his legs. His chest grew hot as his heart-rate skyrocketed, as a result of the temporary emotion that he felt; fear.


"Stupid cat." Aiden shook his head at himself as he realized that it could not have been anything else. But the body and mind react strangely when you don't know what's going on around you.

Aiden felt his way from the walls into the kitchen. When he finally reached his destination, he reached towards the felt side of the door way to turn on the light. His fingers ran along the cool plaster until he felt the uneven plastic within the wall. The illuminated kitchen hurt his eyes for a moment as they adjusted. He took note of how much he had hated it whenever that happened as he took the tea kettle from the stove to fill it with water at the sink. He was never sure as to why, but he had always had a fascination with the sound of water meeting metal.

As he put the kettle back on the stove and turned the dial so that the fire would come on, he looked towards the right a bit and looked at himself in the reflection of the microwave.

His mirrored image looked into his eyes; messy locks of chocolate brown hair flopped over his eyes. The same pair of eyes that made people stare for what seemed to be ages when they first met him. Greenish-grey orbs, almond shaped, almost of the lightest jade, the outer rim a dark, forest green. He didn't see anything special about them. Probably because there were the eyes that he had always know. No need to find anything behind them…

It's way too early for this. Aiden thought to himself as he ran his long fingers through his hair. After his hand dropped back down to his side, the silken tresses flopped back to where they were. He sighed; his hair always did do what it wanted to do.

Before the kettle could scream and alarm the rest of the household, Aiden took an oven mitt from over the stove, and placed it beneath his hand as he took the kettle by its handle from the fire as it whistled softly. From the cupboard overhead, he grabbed his favorite coffee mug; it was black and wide rimmed with silver and blue star outburst. Even though his mom's side of the family had sent him endless amount of tea cups from Japan, he always did like this one. It's not that he was ungrateful or anything, he just preferred this one. Not to mention that the Japanese tea cups were relatively small compared to his mug and he really needed the extra warmth of flow from his cup and into his work of life. As he added the boiling water to join the tea bag in the mug, he turned off the kitchen light and walked carefully back up the staircase as the tea bag seeped.

As he sat on his bed taking idle sips, he began to feel the tiredness and worries of the previous day taking over him. When Aiden noticed that he had been in the process of nodding off, he placed the mug on his nightstand before slipping underneath the blankets of his bed and closing his eyes, compelling him to leave from this world.

" I take it that you are Aiden Ciel Ueno?"

"Um, yes, that's me." Aiden replied nervously. He'd just gotten in from his flight a little over an hour ago. The middle-aged woman at the check-in table for last names starting with –TUV- looked at him skeptically.

"If you don't mind me asking dear, what nationality are you? You look… different." She looked as if she was still trying to figure it out.

" Um, I-I'm half Japanese and half French." Aiden noticed the look of surprise on her face.

"That's a very unusual mix, but I must say that it works out for you quite well." She smiled at him. "In fact I wouldn't be surprised if the girls started zoning in on you after the first week was over." It was true that Aiden wasn't a sight for sore eyes. While having his mother dark, fine hair and almond shaped eyes, he had his father's stunning eye color. Along with being around 5'11'' and a lithe build, it wasn't hard as to see what she had meant. However, Aiden had always been reluctant to believe that he was good looking, let alone, beautiful.

"T-thank you ma'am." Aiden nodded his thanks. She kindly smiled again and gave him the key to his dorm and basic information to send him on his way.

As Aiden looked down on one of the papers for the campus map and the number on his key, he set out to find his room. And truth to tell, it wasn't really too difficult. He had found his way within fifteen minutes to the correct floor. Now all he had to do was find room 507 and he was by room 500 so he had to be on the right track. He looked at the doors on his left seeing as to how the even numbered doors had been to his right.

Welp, here we are... Aiden gulped, uneasy, as he heard music playing lightly from inside, the obvious clue that whoever he was paired up with was already here. Aiden had hoped that by arriving here earlier, he'd have time to set himself up. Looked like that plan had botched already. A nervous, shaking hand reached out to turn the knob before it turned on its own and he was met with a pair of deep blue eyes. Both boys jumped back a little bit from being startled.

"Um, hi."

Chapter 2

"Um, hi." The blue eyed boy stood up straight again. "Sorry if I scared you a bit then." A small blush splashed his cheeks from the awkwardness of what had happened. He held out his hand for Aiden to shake. Aiden set his papers in his other arm as he extended his right hand.

"Hi." Aiden replied. They both exchanged a smile before the blue-eyed boy took one of Aiden's duffle bags.

"I'll help you in. I mean, we will be living with each other for almost a full year. I'm still unpacking so we can talk if you're up to it." He turned to enter to room, so it seemed that Aiden didn't really have a choice but to follow the stranger. Who, Aiden had to admit, was very… he couldn't really figure out a word for it. He had long hair, about to the middle of his back which was the darkest of browns, almost a black. His pools of the darkest Caribbean waters, was outlined by coal and full lashes. The semi-tight men's tank top framed his lean torso and showed off his arms adequately. Aiden quickly looked away before the other could turn around. He wasn't all that great when it came to meeting new people.

"Um, I hope that you don't mind I took this bed. If you want we can switch though."

"N-no thanks. It's fine. I don't really have a preference." Aiden replied as he started to unpack his clothes and hang them in the closet. He felt as if he should say something, introduce himself, but he was as shy as they come.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. My name is Ivan Romanov. What's yours?"

"Uh, my name? Yea, um, it's Aiden Ueno." He nodded slightly with a small blush. He wasn't really too articulate when it came to meeting new people. Ivan smiled with a nod of his own.

"I take it that you're a really shy person when it comes to meeting new people then?" Ivan smiled, acceptingly. Aiden looked to the ground for a bit.

"Yes, I-I guess that you could say so." Aiden mumbled in agreement.

"S'ok. I totally understand where you're coming from."

"Really?" Aiden asked as he looked up to meet Ivan's gaze.

"Yup, I used to be the same way. Then I just, grew out of it I guess. And you probably will too."

"Y-yea, maybe." Aiden smiled optimistically. Maybe things would be as bad as he though. Then, he wouldn't worry about having an aneurism before he reached the age of eighteen. That was always a nice thought.

(Later on that night)

"So, um Aiden. Do you mind if I ask you a question?" Ivan asked. His dark locks were now pulled into a low ponytail.

"Nope. Go right on ahead." Aiden took a small sip through the straw of his soda.

"Okay, I know that you must have had this question asked a million types before, but what is your ethnic background?"

"Oh yes, that infamous question!" Aiden laughed a little before he brushed his bangs to the side a bit. "Well, my mom is Japanese and my father is French." Ivan's expression was different than when other people had asked him. He didn't really look all that astonished to put it simply. He just smiled.

"Wow, that's a first. I was just kind of put off by your accent. I mean, it sounded a little French for the most part, but the way that you pronounced your r's sounded like you had a Japanese accent. Not to mention your hair and the shape of your eyes."

"Wait, my hair?" laugh

"Yea. I guess it's the texture really… Eh, I'm not sure." Ivan looked considerate as he thought over his answer. After a few moments of silence they both laughed. For the rest of the night, both boys expressed amusement while getting to know each other better and neither fell asleep until a blanket of light publicized across the sky.

Chapter 3

It's me again. Ugh, college is a lot more than I thought that it would be. Three months in and I'm already going insane. My roommate is really awesome though. He seems really nice and really sweet. And um, I think that I may kind of... I dunno, like him I guess you could say. I don't even know if he swings 'that way' though… and truth to tell I'd rather not take any chances of losing him as a friend. Well, he just came back from hanging out with a few of his friends so I guess I'll have to write more later on. But, I rea—

Ivan's eyes widened in shock. Had what he just read been true? Was Aiden really… Well, it would explain a few things; like why he blushed so much. Ivan thought that the blush was natural. And the fact that he never really did seem interested in any of the girls that had practically proposed marriage to him. Any guy would have gone for more than half of them and would have probably given his left pinky toe to be in that position. Well, the ones that weren't as lucky as others anyways. It all dawned clear to Ivan now. But, how come Aiden never told him? Ivan knew that they weren't the best of childhood friends or anything like that, but they had said that they'd tell each other stuff and that they would always be true to each other. It seemed as if this defiantly wasn't being true.

I mean, I don't understand why he wouldn't tell me. He knows that I'm open minded that I have other friends that are… and I'm… Ivan shook his head in disbelief and in disappointment. I can't believe that he would do something like this to me of all people. I mean, I respect it if he wants his privacy or whatever, but still…

"Я бáнка не вéрить ты." (Ya bánka nye vyérit ty.) Ivan cursed lightly under his breath in Russian as he closed the journal and placed it on Aiden's nightstand.

He knew that it was wrong of him to read it, but he couldn't really help it. Aiden had fallen asleep with it underneath him somehow, but because he slept so fanatical, it had fallen to the floor and opened up to this page. Ivan took one last look at Aiden before turning off the light and heading back over to his own bed. As he lifted the covers and slid his toned body underneath, the cool temperature sent his a small chill through his body. As the moonlight peaked through the curtains, Ivan stared up as the ceiling. The whole 'Aiden thing' was still bugging him; however, it wasn't going to help him with the two exams that he had to do tomorrow. He'd think about what to do about Aiden later. Ivan sighed as he let his long fingers wrap around his hair tie and free his hair from the binding contraption. With the thoughts of his exams tomorrow, he lazily turned to his side and fell into a soundless sleep.

Aiden yawned sleepily as he rolled to his right to turn off his alarm clock. He stretched underneath his blanket like a cat before sitting up and taking in his surroundings. He looked around the room through what vision he had due to his hair blocking a good portion of his sight. It was then that he noticed it was more quiet than usual.

"Ivan?" Aiden called out sleepily as he brushed the hair from his eyes to look around more clearly. He called out his roommate's name once more. "Ivan? Where are you?" There was still no answer, so all Aiden had to go on was that Ivan had already left. Aiden was a bit perplexed as to why Ivan had gone without waking him. He usually did, so why this now? Did Aiden do something wrong?

The green eyed boy slowly rose from his bed, dizziness suddenly coming over him. He blinked his eyes a few times before the room stopped swirling and focused again. He arched his back as his hands lifted into the air and stood on his tiptoes for another stretch. With that, he went into the bathroom to fulfill his morning ritual of getting ready for the day. As Aiden shut the door behind him, he turned to look at himself in the mirror, expecting to see his usual unruly morning hair hiding his jade orbs from the world. Not to see a piece of paper taped up to the mirror. Automatically recognizing the hand writing as Ivan's, Aiden read the message in blue ink;


I had some last minute studying to do with a friend of mine so I left early this morning. I hope you don't mind that I didn't wake you. Make sure that you get to your class on time though. I won't be back until later on this evening, but when I get back, we need to talk Aiden.

Ivan R.

Aiden stopped in his process of thinking. They needed to talk? But what about? His mind started zooming with things that he could have done to piss Ivan off so much. However, nothing really came to mind. Unless Ivan was upset that he had forgot to turn off his lamp last night, but that seemed unreasonable even to Aiden. Ivan would have just written it in the note or told him later on when he saw him. He wouldn't state it with such seriousness as Aiden thought the note had held. This was just great. Now he was going to spend the whole day thinking about what he could have done to upset Ivan. This isn't what he had wanted to look forward to toady.

Chapter 4

Aiden sat anxiously on his bed, pending Ivan's return. In a way, he kind of felt like a wife, waiting for her husband to return from war. He'd completed all of his homework in about 3 hours and it was more than sufficient, and for the college work load, that was saying something. He'd come without delay to the dorm after his last lesson, hopeful that Ivan's schedule had cleared up and he'd be back earlier than expected. Nevertheless, as the fates would have it, nothing was waiting for him except the emptiness of an unoccupied dorm.

So now, he was just sitting in the middle of his bed pulling at a loose string at the hem of his jeans, fingering through his hair, fiddling with the sleeves of his shirt, tracing the print on his comforter. Finally, he collapsed on his bed, mind filled with shadows of darkness, creatures coming forth the deepest depths of his mind. Before he realized how insane this ordeal was driving him, thick lashes meet his cheek, and he was once more no longer apart of this world.

"Aiden?" The boy in question turned over lazily, almost succeeding in falling off of the bed and coming into contact with the ground. However, strong arms and quick reflexes caught him and brought him back to the mattress. Aiden's body quickly awoke as he sat up straight in bed as his eyes came into contact with that of cobalt.

"I-Ivan! Don't scare me like that!"

"Well it's not my fault you almost face planted into the ground gloópyy!" Ivan argued back. Aiden 'glared' a bit before he broke out into a smile. Ivan almost did the same until Aiden spoke.

"So what did you want to talk to me about Ivan?" Aiden looked observed Ivan as he frowned a bit and looked to the ground before taking a seat on his bed, eyebrows a bit furrowed. He seemed to be thinking really hard on what it was that he was going to say. Aiden's smile rapidly emaciated. What was going on?

"Is there anything that you want to tell me that you haven't already?" Ivan had looked him dead in the eye. Wait, what? Aiden was still befuddled.

"Um… no?" With that answer, Ivan's face seemed to harden. Aiden had never seen him so disconcert before. Aiden thought better of his answer. " I – um, I mean, nothing comes to mind. U-unless there's something that you want me to tell you."

Aiden looked down at his hands ringing each other, blush clearly seen from being put on the spot and confused. Now Ivan was stuck with trying to figure out a way to respond. There was only to ask correctly without beating around the bush, which was something that he loathed, so it'd be hypocritical for him to do it to someone else.

"Aiden, are you gay?" Aiden's eyes widened in bewilderment. This was defiantly not the topic he planned on being asked about.

"Au-na—wait, what?" He wanted to make sure that he had heard correctly. Ivan sighed as he asked again.

"I asked if you were gay."

"Wha—where—" Ivan cut him off.

"Just tell me Aiden! If you know me at all by now, you would know that it doesn't bother me for certain reasons. I just don't know why you wouldn't tell me." Aiden did feel a bit guilty for not telling Ivan, but he wasn't going to go up to him any given day and just start out a conversation with something like, 'Hey Ivan, I'm gay! Great weather today don't you think!' Main reason for that being because he was too shy.

"I, um- yes." Was Ivan still mad at him, even though he had told him?

"You know Aiden, I really can't believe you." Ivan shook his head in disbelief as his bangs waved a bit in front of his face. Aiden rally didn't want to lose the person he was closest to over something like this.

"I really wanted to, but the chance just never really came up and I'm not as outgoing as you are… Especially when it comes to my sexuality." Ivan smiled when he realized how hard it must have been for Aiden to say all that he did within those few sentences. But because he knew Aiden, knowing that he'd taking his anger to heart, decided to lighten the mood.

"Are you trying to say that I'm flamboyantly gay Ai-chan?" Ivan smirked. Aiden's eyes opened wide as he shook his head frantically.

"No no no! Of course not! I- I didn't mean it that way Vanya!" Ivan noticed that they had both called each other by their self-given nicknames, probably without even realizing it. An omen that things were getting back to the way that they should be.

Ivan got off of his bed to sit down next to Aiden. He noticed that there was a small amount of wetness within his eyes. He gently wiped away Aiden's tears before he spoke again.

"I know how you feel right now m'kay? I don't want anything like this to happen again and neither do you, no?" Aiden nodded a bit a shy smile gracing his lips. Ivan smiled as well before tackling Aiden into a playful hug, knocking them both onto the mattress. Both boys laughed for a good while at their clumsiness. After they had both calmed down a bit, Aiden spoke up.

"Um, I apologize about not telling you earlier." Ivan waved it off as he closed his eyes sleepily, followed by a yawn.

"Meh, don't worry about it. But, if something like this should ever have to happen again, I'll beat you with a pillow. After all, you should know by now that I'll be close to you no matter what, not to mention that I'll always be there, and you wouldn't be able to beat me with a ten foot pole, even if you really really wanted to. In addition that if you'd know that, we wouldn't be here right now, so I get to take my massacre pillow-fight anytime I wish." Ivan stated with a triumphant smirk. Aiden scoffed.

"Yea right, like hell you would."

"Oh really? Is this a challenge I'm sensing?"

"Whatever, just go to bed already Vanya. I know that you don't have the—" At that precise moment, a feather-filled pillow smacked Aiden squarely on the head. Ivan's amusement could be heard throughout the room.

"Now, what was that you were going to say? 'I don't have the heart to do it?" Aiden gasped.

"Oi, Vanya! I wasn't prepared!" Aiden yelled as his face, once more, turned crimson. He tried his hardest not to laugh.

"That's the whole point of it loser!" Ivan cackled.

For the remainder of the night, the boys continued to have a pillow fight, all the while laughing and shouting obscenities at each other that were to lighten the mood, none of them actually meant. But let's just say that Aiden saw stars when he mocked Ivan on being a 'flamboyant gay boy.' With which Ivan retorted he was 'bi, not gay.'

(Around 2:00am)

"Hey, Ivan?" Aiden called out tiredly.

"Hmm?" He was almost asleep.

"How did you find out anyway?"

"I read your journal when you dropped it sleeping one night." Ivan didn't have time to think about what he was saying before it was already out in the open. Oops…


The End?

A/N: Okay, I do realize that there are probably hundreds of mistakes and that this is a really long one-shot ::nervous smile:: This was an assignment that I did for my English class. The goal was to write a short story within a week so that we could submit it to the literary magazine so that it may be published in the LM. My English teacher Mr. Redfern that it was really good but our school probably wasn't liberal enough to publish my story… :(

Should I write an actual story with these characters? This is just the beginning, but since it was supposed to be a short story and all, I had to cut it short. There's a lot more that happens afterwards though… teeheehee, which I'm not sharing of course, but let me know if you guys would like to read the whole story on these two:) I'll start writing it out ASAP! hands out cookies to everyone Help me come u with a title please!