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"So, um… about last night." Ivan started off after a few moments of silence. Aiden nodded once as he looked down at the table. Images that were only too fresh in his memory sprang up once again. He knew that if he looked at Ivan, he wouldn't be able to handle it for too much longer after that. He swept his bangs to the side of his face slightly.

"Yea…." Aiden answered back, a little unsure. He didn't want to have to recall everything that had happened, but they needed to get this over with so that they could focus on more important matters. Ivan sighed quietly.

"I apologize if I hurt you Aiden. It wasn't my intention to do so. It was just… I was really frustrated before I went to the party, and I drank a lot. I don't really remember much, but Brad said that I drank more than I usually do, which is probably why I wasn't really myself." Aiden nod. He'd never seen Ivan drink, so he wouldn't have known himself.

"Okay." Aiden responded quietly. Something else had been bugging him as well. "But, what about that… guy that was with you. You know, that one that you…" His face visibly heated as he thought about it. He was upset at what had happened, but also embarrassed for having brought it up.

"About that… Brad had said that his name was David, and honestly, I don't think I knew him before the night of the party. But we were both drunk and… Brad told me that we were hanging on each other a lot during the party." It was difficult for Ivan to explain something that he didn't even remember. He didn't think that it would be this hard.

"So does that mean that you two, are…together?" Aiden swallowed quietly, a little afraid of what the answer would be.

"NO! I mean… um no. David and I aren't together. We aren't even friends. It's just some times, you do really stupid things when you're drunk. But there isn't anything going on." Aiden gave Ivan a look that showed he believed otherwise, and Ivan couldn't really blame him.

"Okay…" Aiden gave somewhat of a firm nod and he gave off a small smile. That was probably the thing that had bugged him most throughout last night and today. He knew that he liked Ivan, but he never really thought of how he'd feel if Ivan were to date someone and he saw them together.

"I didn't mean to hurt you if I did though, honest. You know that I'd never do that on purpose or anything, right?" Aiden nod his head slightly, agreeing.

"Yea, I know. Just… don't do it again, okay?" Sighing quietly, he ran his fingers through his hair.

"Alright, so we're cool now?" Ivan smiled a bit. Aiden tilted his head a bit.

"Yea, we're 'cool' now Vanya." Ivan grinned from ear to ear.

"So what do you say we go get some ice cream Ai-chan?"

"Yay! But you're buying, um, because you love me and I put up with you more than I should have to." He flashed Ivan a grin before sliding out of the booth. Ivan followed.

"Ouch Ai-chan, that one cut me real deep." He winked before cupping Aiden's hand in his own. "Besides, you –are- the love of my life and I know you want me to spoil you rotten." He walked out of the small café with Aiden's hand in his own. They jade eyed boy blushed as he saw their hands linked together, wondering what Ivan meant by it, if it meant anything at all.

"I never said that I wanted you to spoil me rotten." Aiden protested with a mock glare.

"Oh, so you don't deny being the love of my life, eh?" Ivan smirked, looking at Aiden's sudden blush as they walked outside. "You're blushing Ai-chan." He squeezed the other boy's hand lightly.

"N-no I'm not!"

Ivan continued to laugh as they walked down the street with Aiden following reluctantly behind. In which, they received a few odd looks here and there, but nobody really said anything about their hands being joined together. A small smile tugged at the corners on Aiden's lips.

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