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Chapter two: Entering the mortal realm

"So weak, and yet so powerful", said Apollyon, gazing intensely into the crystal ball that allowed them to see beyond realms. "What do you think my sons?" Delos nodded his agreement, saying" It would be quite easy to invade their realm." Damon shook his head, gazing down at his brother from a height over six feet. You are mistaken Brother," he said, his voice as deep, dark and smooth as the ocean floor. " They have many powerful weapons. Weapons that are advanced for their short existence. We would have to send someone in to learn more about these mortals."

Apollyon nodded his approval. "Very good Prince Damon," he said emotionlessly, his cold black eyes never leaving the small globe where you could see the usual hubbub of a busy city street. "Spoken like a true heir." Though his father's words were supposed to be taken as a compliment, something about the way he said them made Damon feel as if he were being mocked. Apollyon went on saying "We must take action immediately. Prince Delos, what do you propose?"

At the sound of his name, Delos looked up, his green eyes flashing with mischief. Oh great! Damon thought, mentally cursing his father. Delos always had the most peculiar ways of playing pranks on him. And that mischievous gleam in his eye was defiantly not a good sign. At least, not for Damon anyway. "Well….," his brother said, looking at Damon all the while. He knew exactly what he was doing. Little brothers, Damon thought, rolling his eyes.

"I think we should send Damon," Delos suggested, winking at him. "After all, he could use a little experience outside the protection of this realm. You know, it could be….character building." Damon had to repress the urge to snort loudly. Character building my ass! You just want to put me in the most uncomfortable position possible! Delos's eyes danced with humor, as if he knew exactly what Damon was thinking. Surly his father wouldn't go through with this.

"What an excellent idea Prince Delos," Apollyon replied, his gaze still on the mortals. "Prince Damon, what say you?" Damon glanced over at his brother, whom he could tell was holding back his trademark grin. Delos knew Damon wouldn't be able to say no. That might lead their father to think that he feared the mortal realm. Thought Delos hadn't been there to witness it, Damon remembered perfectly what had happened the last time he has shown anything but courage. The image of his mothers bloody form still haunted his dreams.

"I will go," Damon said, his lips curling into a smirk cast towards his brother. This was going to be cake. Tricking a bunch of weak humans into thinking that he was one of them wasn't exactly what he'd call challenging. He had heard that they weren't too bright, despite their advanced technology. "When do I leave?" "Tomorrow", Apollyon answered, finally looking up." Oreille shall be here by morning to open the realm for you. I suggest you start packing."

Later in Damon's room

"You just couldn't resist could you?" Damon said, as he busily packed a few necessities into a bag sitting at the foot of his bed. Delos grinned at him. "No, I couldn't." Came his matter-of-fact reply. "You never know Brother," he said, laying back on Damon's bed, " You might have fun in the mortal realm. I hear the women there are very easily seduced." At this last comment, Delos's grin grew even wider, his eyebrows cocked. "Out," Damon replied simply. "You disgust me" "Oh, don't you mean, tempt you, Brother?"

Damon didn't reply. "Hey, you know I'm just kidding you right?" Delos asked, his grin suddenly disappearing. "Yes, Delos, I know," Damon assured him. "You're always kidding aren't you? It drives Father absolutely insane, you know that.." Delos let out a laugh at this, his serious façade evaporation with it. "Father doesn't like me much anyway Damon. So why care what he thinks?" Damon shook his head. "Your opinion will more than likely be the death of you Delos. And more than likely me as well," he added.

Delos gave him hard pat on the back. " Always looking out for me, aren't you Brother? Always could count on you." "You could always count on me to pull you out of trouble, you mean." Damon corrected. "Like the time you put those firecrackers in the back pocket of that general" Delos laughed again. "Now that was a classic! Too bad he didn't stay around longer. I had had more plan to make his stay more…exciting" No, I believe the slime-worms in his bed were enough excitement him," Damon replied, the humor in his voice evident.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. State your name and business here, Damon called out. "Galadriel, youngest child of King Apollyon and only princess of Arextelia." Damon and Delos exchanged looks that basically said: Oh no. Not her!

Reluctantly, Damon went to open the door for his younger sister. "Hello Brother," she greeted pleasantly, skipping into the room, her long silver hair flying behind her.

Galadriel was quite the beauty for a ten-year-old. she wore her waist length hair down with a few tiny braids here and there. Like Delos, and their late mother, her eyes were emerald green. Many often mistook her for an elf, if it were not for her clumsiness. Upon hanging around Delos too long, she had taken a liking to pranks. It was truly a miracle that Father hadn't killed her after some of the stunts she had pulled.

Giving Damon a tight hug, she said " I am going to miss you Brother. Whom am I going to annoy while you are away?" She pouted, all the while, her eyes so much like Delos's glittering mischievously as she eyed said sibling. "Don't even think it Galadriel," Delos told her firmly. But when Galadriel had set her mind on something, very little could convince her otherwise. I'm afraid I don't know what you mean Delos, she told him innocently, pulling away from Damon. Chuckling softly, Damon shook his head. Too bad he wouldn't be there to see whatever plans his sister had for Delos.

The next day, in the courtyard

There was loud tearing sound, as if someone had just ripped a very large piece of paper. Oreille the Royal Family's personal wizard stood with his back turned to Damon and his brother and sister whom had come to see him off. Their father of course, was nowhere to be seen. Damon's long black ponytail blew straight back as the space between worlds was filled.

"You must hurry Prince Damon," Oreille said turning to face them. "I can only control it for so long." Damon nodded, giving Galadriel and Delos a quick hug. "Make sure Galadriel stays out of trouble while I'm away," he whispered to Delos. He nodded. " Try to keep Delos from getting himself killed, you know how he is." Galadriel gave him a knowing grin at his words.

Damon had to admit, he was a little…unsure about going to this "Earth" as the mortals called it. not scared, just unsure. Sure he had been to different realms before, but Arextelia had conquered them all and all the people there had feared and respected him. But now he was going to a place where no one knew him. He would be alone. Oh well, he thought. I'll just enroll in a school, keep to myself while at the same time learn all I can about the mortals.

This'll be cake, he thought, repeating his earlier thoughts as he took a deep breath, ready to jump into the portal. But now, he wasn't so sure. "Are you scared Brother?" Galadriel asked him. Unlike their father Apollyon, she said it as if she were concerned about him. Damon shook his head, and narrowed his eyes, saying only loud enough for demon ears to hear "I fear nothing." And with that, Damon took a running jump into the portal, leaving Delos and Galadriel behind.

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