twirlwhirl round and round
pretty pretty ballerina
with your plastic cherry-red painted toes
(the polish splinters at your pirouettes,
and you think it looks like blood/
that you could actually be as passionate enough
to actually bleed for something you love)
pretty girl, your tutu is torn(like your heart)
and you finger the silver chain that cascades down your neck
(you don't hardly notice it as it strangles you)
'best friend' is a memory carved onto this chain
that only makes you work harder trying to forget it

but ballerina, when you carved those two words
into my heart, i healed.

though, when i carved those words into yours
you actually bled, and now a scar remains
(looks like the only things you are passionate about
are things that you don't want)

so next time you want to lose some emotional weight
reach into your heart and feel the gashes and scrapes
& remember
only love can heal you
(but you can't bleed for love)