# 3 Monty Carlos

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"Sunny, where are we going?" Lilly asked sounding both perplexed and excited

"I told you, it's a surprise. Besides I don't know how we're getting there, we just are" Sunny answers rather annoyed

"Oh that's just great." I chip in sarcastically "by the way, we've been driving for at least ten minutes aren't you meant to be telling me something?" my voice cracked at the end, turns out I'm STILL feeling heartbroken.

"Ahh…" Lilly trails off awkwardly

Sunny shoots her a look of daggers

"Uhhm…" she says even more anxiously now

I raise my eyebrows at her, my eyes glistening with fresh tears. I miss James so much… I inhale deeply, and then exhale.

"Yes?" I manage to ask in a nasally voice from crying so much.

"Well you see Cara…" Lilly starts to say, but then changes her tactics to: "Sunny and I have to tell you something!"

Sunny's mouth falls open "What!" he yelps "Don't you dare bring me into this, this is about you!"

Lilly gulps "Cara, I-I did something stupid…" Insert really-long-and-awkward-pause-here-in-which-I'm thinking-every-bad-thing-under-the-sun here "You know how I'm really bad at magic?" she asks me bleakly.

I offer her a curt nod of acknowledgement.

She continues on "well you see, I-I thought you might be upset about James, so I-I decided to-ahh-uhhm- put a charm on you, to make you more calm" she pauses this time to weigh my reaction.

My reaction is confusion. Her awkward jumbled explanation doesn't make sense to me. My eyes well up with tears of frustration.

Why am I so stupid?

With this thought a fresh batch of tears roll down my face. My chest hurts from crying so much and I feel like I can't breathe properly. All I can thing of is every time I've ever felt bad, every time my heart was ever broken, all my faults, all my regrets…

When Lilly next spoke it was from afar "But it backfired" she admitted meekly "I accidentally cast a spell of sadness on you. I didn't mean to, I'm s-sorry!" she blubbered so quickly that it took me awhile to process her words.

Wait- all these tears were synthetic, none of this was real? LILLY had done this to me?

"How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends!" I shrieked before collapsing into more uncontrollable tears.

"Oh great, now she's hysterical." Sunny says dryly "Good one Lilly!"

His negative words made me sad, why is he so negative? Negative people make me sad. I cried even harder. I'm so pathetic. Pathetic people like me are so worthless. Pathetic people like me should just-

"Cara!" Sunny yells, snapping me out of my thoughts. I blink at him. He's looking into my eyes. I feel strangely calm as waves of warmth channel into my system.

Realisation dawns on me as I comprehend that this too isn't what I'm really feeling; this is Sunny's spell. He must be counteracting Lilly's spell.

As this new found warmth floods me I start to realise a few more things about my surroundings. First thing, at some point during Lilly telling me about what she'd done and Sunny working a spell of his own on me, Sunny had actually pulled the car over to the side of the road. The other things were more trivial like the way the air was scented of Lilly's favourite perfume, even the colour of the sky looked different now.

Sunny made a few more gestures, uttered some words in a language foreign to me and finishes it with a touch to my third eye; and that was it all the sadness was gone.

"Thank you" I murmur

"Hey, I didn't do it for you" he says quickly "I did it for my sanity"


Sunny pulls the car back onto the road and almost gets hit by another car. Heh, James would love that one.

In terms of our road trip all I know is that we seem to be exiting Arizona through Mexico, I would have thought that we would go straight through to California, but then I have no idea what Sunny's go planned- from the sound of it, neither does he!

It's kind of a slow going boring trip on the way to Mexico 'cause all I see is the desolate reddish brown sand and cacti of Arizona nothing exciting and defiantly nothing new to me.

I pull out a magazine of Lilly's, I've never read one of them before but I always see her reading them. It was an emerald green colour identical to the colour of Sunny's eyes. Various Wiccan symbols decorated the cover in metallic silver. In the centre was a pair of Witches one male the other female, both young and beautiful. In big bold writing, the title read the Black Cross.

Compelled, I open the cover to see what's inside. It was both everything and nothing that I'd expected. Oddly it was a bit Harry Potter-ish, all the pictures were moving like a 10 second video clip. But I guess that was the closest it got to Harry Potter.

Lilly would be disappointed

I scrolled through it, the articles ranged from extremely factual to extremely petty. Unsure of where to begin, I turned to the article about the two on the front cover. It was actually about the guy, the girl was just his little sister.

"What are you reading?" Lilly asked waay too excitedly for my liking

I didn't look up, nor did I acknowledge the fact that she'd even spoken. In case it's not half obvious, I'm giving Lilly the silent treatment. She made me look like an idiot at the airport and I know James will never let me live it down.

The silence was a little uncomfortable. I occupied myself by reading the article about the attractive witch. Sunny occupied himself by driving really fast; Lilly was the one going out of her mind with boredom.

She pulled out a CD and stuck it into the car stereo. Instantly I cringed, it was that stupid mix CD I'd made her to give to Sunny as a joke present but she'd never worked up the courage to actually give it to him. Each and every song had the word 'Sunny' or something close like 'sunshine' in it. I found it hilarious at the time, imagining the look on his face when he first listened to it

Kind of like the look on his face now – totally scared out of his mind!

I hid a smile and went back to reading the article about this witch; his name was Sailor Charm if you were wondering, his sister's name was Cricket Charm. Weird names, but surprisingly not uncommon for people like us.

Lilly, James and I are lucky we got relatively 'normal' name. Poor Sunny wasn't as fortunate 'cause I'm pretty sure his name isn't common for his gender or race- when I say race, I'm talking about his ethnicity not the fact that his a witch.

Sunny once said that he got a 'girls name' because mother was so convinced that he was going to be a girl that she didn't even bother picking out a boy's name. He's envious of his younger siblings because their names are Ryan and Rachael, which are 'normal names'.

I disagree, I think his name gives him character, but whatever

"Sailor Charm!" Lilly cries out, disrupting me but I still don't look up, I want her to feel bad. I can see her out of my peripheral vision, reading the article upside down over her shoulder. It's so annoying how she can be so nosy sometimes.

"Sailor- WHAT?" Sunny says sounding very confused, as if Lilly just spoke in another language or something. "This better not be about that stupid cartoon you watch" Sunny continues "because I thought we agreed to disagree. I hate it, but you like it, but we aren't going to talk about it again- EVER!"

Now I look up startled- what the hell is sunny going on about, Cartoons that he hates that Lilly loves, what's that got to do with Sailor Charm?

Ooh- Sailor Moon!

That was hilarious I couldn't stop laughing. Lilly just looks at him confused and then at me confused. I don't think she gets it.

"Sunny Sailor Charm is a famous witch- not a cartoon! - The Charm family are renowned for their strong psychic abilities" I say very matter of factly.

Well all the information is right in front of me, truth is I've never heard of him either, but they don't need to know that.

"Sailor Charm is also an actor" Lilly adds in "Don't forget that. He's pretty famous too"

Well duh, I just SAID he was famous. I'm so tempted to say that- but I don't.

"So wait." Sunny says sounding baffled "let me get this straight, this sailor-guy? - is both a famous actor and a famous psychic or is there two Sailor Charms?"

Lilly nods "he's both a famous actor and psychic" she says eagerly

She's right too; the article mentions something about a new movie coming out- weird. Honestly I never knew the society of witches was so-weird.

And then the song came on, the one I found so familiar that I always sang along with, but hated singing it around Sunny because it didn't sound well- correct. I don't think that Sunny and Lilly knew it as well as I did I mean it must be an ancient old song but I knew it from the golden circle ads that they always played on TV in Australia. I mean I did spend the first 10 years of my life there; I've only been here for 6, go figure.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" I sung softly, hoping that they couldn't hear me "you make me hap-py, when skies are grey. You never know how-how much I love you. So please don't take my sunshine away…"

I blink and close my mouth when I see Sunny staring at me in the rear-view mirror. I gulp and stare out the window. Still, the words revibrated throughout the car touching our ears and our souls.

About three hours later Lilly makes stop in Tijuana Mexico for ice cream. Yeah, ice cream in TIJUANA! Which isn't that like the drug capital of Mexico or something? Well that's the way they make it out on TV anyway.

We got out of the car (reluctantly on my behalf), Sunny was acting all macho though and Lilly couldn't care less where we were, as long as she got ice cream!

So we walked around for ages trying to find a Wendy's or somewhere that sold ice cream. There had been a little place on the side of the road where they were selling homemade ice cream but I convinced Sunny to convince Lilly not to go there. I mean, what if there were drugs or some other kind of poison in there?

So that meant that we had to walk around for ages- must have at LEAST been an hour or so- until we found a shop (a proper shop) that sold ice cream, but then we realised that Sunny had left his wallet in the car, so we had to go all the way back to the car and back to the ice cream place again. By the time we got back there they had already closed, so then Sunny said he would take us to McDonalds and by us all a Sunday each- wow generosity.

But then Lilly said she was a vegan.

What the…?

I mean I know she's probably referring to the pig fat thing, but surely Lilly knew that regular ice cream contained animal products too. Since when did she become 'vegan' anyway? I mean she was always drinking milk and she ate a hot dog when we stopped at the gas station earlier. Surely she wasn't THAT thick. Unless she said the thing about being vegan as a joke or to annoy us. You never knew with Lilly.

Sunny groaned but otherwise didn't voice his complaints. Although I could tell he was annoyed by his quickened pace and rigid posture

Somewhere along the way I got ahead of sunny, whilst he and Lilly walked behind at a much slower pace.

When I got to the car I knew something wasn't right, I just knew it. My ESP's always been relatively good so I trusted my feelings. The engine was gone, missing; kaput I knew that without looking under the hood.

"Ahh…Sunny…." I said shakily, I didn't want to be the bearer of bad news, but… well-this was bad.

He looked at me and I knew from the look in his eyes that that he'd felt it too. He knew something wasn't quite right. He immediately looked under the hood and my fears were confirmed, the engine wasn't there. We shared worried glances, where the hell had it gone?

"That's strange!" Lilly said laughing giddily

Sunny glared at her icily "Lilly this is all your fault!" he barked

Of course he didn't bark literally…

"How is it my fault?" she asked confused "I didn't steal the engine!"

I was surprised she knew what it was called. Okay, that was mean.

"You and your stupid ice cream!" He yelled "which you decided you were too vegan to eat anyway" he added in bitterly

She just looked at him, I don't think it made sense even to her why she wanted ice cream if she was vegan "…I forgot I was vegan, okay?" she mumbled so quietly that I only just heard it.

If Sunny had heard what she said, he didn't acknowledge it. Instead he turned to me and asked me for a pen, paper and quite possibly the car manual. I dug around and found the pen and the paper but no car manual. He took the items off of me and stuck his head under the hood scratching things down on paper, after awhile he straightened and announced that he was going to find an engine.

"Stay here. Both of you" he said patiently

"But wait Sunny!" Lilly calls before he can go "cant we just run the car on an energy spell or something?"

"If we knew any- maybe; but Lil that would only be if they stole our gas, not the freaking engine!"

She nods blankly- she doesn't quite understand. I would explain it to her- if I was speaking to her!

"Well I better go, it could be a long walk and it's already getting dark. Don't leave the car whatever you do; this place can get pretty creepy at night."

I looked at the sky; the clouds were a mixture pink, white, orange and mauve, a definite sun set! Looking at my watch I saw that it was only 5pm.

Lilly and I got in the car, locked every single door and hid on the floor (only because she insisted) and we waited, knowing full well we could be stuck here all night. I still wasn't talking to Lilly, so it was going to be a long night.

It was so boring that at one stage I felt like giving in, but then she would have the satisfaction of getting away with what she did to me- Which just wasn't right.

We waited for about an hour longer before Lilly got up and said "oh hell. I'm going to find Sunny; I mean he's really mad at me and…" she trailed off when she realised that I wasn't going to object.

I mean I wanted to, I really did. But my pride got in the way- I was far too stubborn to give in.

"Please talk to me Cara" she begged

I glared at her. She looked really hurt. I almost felt guilty- almost.

"Well I'm going" she announced "I'll be back soon- don't worry"

I just sat there. She got up and left. The moment she left I wished that I'd stopped her. But what could I do? I sat there wading my guilt for sometime before I decided to grab the keys and go after her. Knowing Lilly anything could happen to her, she's the type of girl that would hop into a car with some strange guy without even questioning his motives. I mean that in the nicest possible way of course.

Once outside, I channelled into my ESP using it like a radar and compass to detect where Lilly's current location was. It was super easy, but it killed me that I was having to use my power.

It didn't take me long to find her. She looked like a trapped animal with all those drunken party (and most likely drugged up) guys surrounding her as if she were their prize.

I growled I was furious. In midst of my rage a spell came to m, it was only a paralysis one but it was simple and effective. Within seconds the guys couldn't move, they were totally paralysed.

I broke through their circle and took Lilly. She was shaking and I let her support her weight on me, even though I was weak myself from the spell. It was simple but it drained me because usually I didn't do many spells. If those guys were to somehow recover and track me down- I would be finished.

I was dragging Lilly down a cold creepy deserted street. If I had a choice I wouldn't go down this street, but it was the only to get to the car. We were about halfway down the street when I realised why I hadn't wanted to come down this way, it was too late though. There was a lone figure in the desolate night filled park; it was swinging back and forth on one of the children's swings.

He was creepy; he looked like he was in his late teens. I was hoping he wouldn't notice us, when he turned his head. My heart nearly stopped. His eyes seemed to bore right through me, then trough the dark with my peculiar night vision- that only seemed to work when I felt scared- I saw him smiling maliciously at me.

Oh shit. He's one of them. We're prey and he's one of them. OH SHIT.

I tried not to emanate fear as I subtly picked up my pace. I was too weak to deal with one of 'them' right now. Without even looking I knew that he was chasing us. Or rather tailing us, he wasn't running just strolling at a distance within eye shot. Of course he was toying with me, trying to make me feel afraid but strangely safe at the same time. I knew that if I ran he would hunt me down and kill me.

To them killing was a game, they liked to play mind games and then inevitably kill their prey. Right now, we were the prey. Of course I was afraid, but I tried not to show it, they could smell fear it was like a drug to them.

The last thing I needed was for one of these to be tailing us. He would go for Lilly first because she was the weakest; after he drained her he would go for me. I would be lucky last, the fight. I was too weak to hold up in a fight.

I was still dragging Lilly along, she was starting to resist. She was tiring. Oh-no.

I was starting to panic- I walked faster, Lilly was slipping, I grabbed her tighter. He was speeding up to match our pace. I knew he was not weak. If there were 10 of us, he would kill all of us with no problems, he was just playing games.

I could see the end of the road up ahead; the car was gleaming under a street light. Was this an optical illusion? By the looks of it wasn't too far. It was within sight, within reach, if I could only walk a little faster…

Then I realised something, even if we made it to the car and I miraculously got both Lilly and I inside, then what? It wasn't like there was an engine or anything. It wasn't like we could lock the doors and hope he would go away either. This wasn't an ordinary human we were talking a bout here, this was a vampire for goddess' sake. They were power hungry creatures; if he didn't want us for hungers sake then he wanted us for power. Witch power- witch blood- was better for power.

But of course everyone knows that, it's just common sense.

I was starting to hyperventilate, Lilly's entire weight seemed to crush me as I dragged her along, I was tiring fast. We were going to die tonight- that made me hyperventilate even more.

I tripped over a rock-in midst of my panic attack- and seemed to fall in slow motion. My heart felt like it was in my throat as we clunked against something hard. It took me a moment to realise that it was the nose of the car.

That was it, Lilly was out cold. But I wasn't. I craned my neck until I could see over my shoulder. I saw the road but he was gone. That was even worse; I'd rather know where he was.

"Hello" I hear a sarcastic voice say "I'm over here"

I turn my head and instantly curse myself. He was standing right next to me.

I look up at him with an expression on my face which I hoped looked like pure hatred. I didn't bother studying him, he was attractive- sure they all were- and studying him would mean losing myself in that.

No thanks.

Wait- why wasn't he attacking us?

Sunny! I silently sent the message over long distance telepathy.

Great- that was the last of my energy.

The vampire laughs bitterly "don't bother with that" he says offhandishly "he's already coming"

I scowl at him

"Oh don't be so feisty" he says patronisingly "we're all friends here"

I scoffed

"WE ARE!" he emphasises

"I don't get this, why aren't you trying to eat us?"

"Oh I'm sure you'd taste good, but I don't eat my friends"

"So you just randomly walk up to people and tell them they're your friends all the time I see" I say sarcastically "'cause that's just perfectly normal and everything"

I don't know what I was doing I mean this vampire was saying he wouldn't hurt us-which was probably a trick- and I was protesting?

Grr… I hate him; he's probably playing tricks with my head.

"MONTY!" I hear an excited voice shout.

That excited voice was Sunny's.

The vampire looks at Sunny with a smile on his face "'ello Sunshine"

Sunny looks at me, then at Lilly and says "whoa. What happened, are you two okay?"

I scowled and pointed to the vampire who apparently seemed to be called 'Monty' "who is he?"

Sunny didn't look too phased "oh him. He's Monty" his tone was casual

Ha-ha, don't know what I'd do without Sunny.

"Yeah I figured that out. What I meant was-"

"Oh, he's just a friend. We met in college"

I could feel my eyes broaden

"Yes vampires go to college" Monty said exasperated

Obviously he thought that was the reason I was shocked- it wasn't.

Sunny looked at me knowingly, he knew what I was thinking-how I was feeling about what he'd said. It was a moment that had been shared between us-and a roomful of other people- but still between us. Whatever, it's a long story and I don't feel like going into it-yet.

I turned away from them and sighed letting him know it wasn't important to me, Even though it was still tugging at the edge of my thoughts. I knelt next to Lilly to get a closer look at her injuries. She was unconscious and had a considerably large gash on here forehead where she'd hit her head.

I boosted her up and Sunny took her out of my arms. I went around and unlocked the trunk, hoping that James has a med. Kit somewhere in his stupid car.

Whilst I was rummaging around I heard Sunny talking to Monty, but I couldn't make out the words. After awhile Monty went off into the night.

Thank the goddess.

Yey, found it. I thought to myself as the roughness of a roll of bandage brushed against my hand. I took it, closed the trunk and walked swiftly over to Sunny who had Lilly propped up against the side of the car.

He squinted at me in a way that was both mocking and affectionate at the same time when I handed him the bandage "you're so old fashioned Cara" he said laughing

I look at him confused "what else was I supposed to do?"

"Healing spell"

"Don't you need lots of stuff for those?"

"That's what I put in my med. Kit"

"Won't it be faster to just bandage it and wait for her to wake up?"



"Because if she's got any internal injuries she might die or if we might have to wait around for ages at the hospital. Trust me Cara, this ways faster"


"Want to help?"

"I don't do magic"

It wasn't entirely a lie, normally I don't do magic and that's why my powers were so weak now.

"Suit yourself" he replied

I felt guilty; this was my best friend right here.

It was at that moment that Monty came back- carrying an engine.

Oh-no way. HE stole our engine?

The sheepish look on his face confirmed it. He stole our engine. Great. What a freak.

"Ahh…Sunny…" I said awkwardly cocking my head in Monty's direction.

Sunny laughed "yeah I know. He said he wanted to make sure that I didn't leave without speaking to him"

I look at him sarcastically "then why didn't he just wait by our car?"

Sunny shrugs "Monty likes to be dramatic"

"Ohhkay" I say quite freaked out

Sunny laughs again. He finishes fixing up Lilly's injuries whilst Monty puts the engine back into its rightful place.

When they're both done Sunny talks to Monty for a long time, then turns to me and announces that Monty is going to come with us to San Diego. My mouth falls open. I turn to Lilly but she's still resting, Sunny's put her in the passenger seat now though.

So I have no one to support me, although if she was conscious she'd probably think it was cool or something that we have a live vampire as a travelling companion.

I turn to Sunny my eyes wide "if he's coming with us to San Diego then I'm walking!" I shout indignantly

I turn around and start walking in the opposite direction to the car, but Sunny races after me and catches me. His arms are wrapped around me from behind and I literally can't move.

"Don't be stupid Cara" he says into my ear "it's only a 40 minute drive from here to San Diego. Once we're there, he's gone. C'mon what do you say?"

"No." I hiss

"What are you afraid of a vampire?"