Summary: Centuries ago, dragons ruled over the smaller race of drakes. Fifty years ago, a Drake by the name of Caron won the drakes their freedom. Now with this life mate dead, he has to raise his eggs alone and choose one to rule. Warnings: M/M yaoi, Mpreg

Warnings: Ok, in case you didn't notice, this is M/M Yaoi, and Mpreg, this is the first time I've tried this kind of thing so bear with me, and let me know, thanks.

The man on his knees glared up at the man pacing in front of him as he fought the binds that held his hands behind his back.

"Where is your mate?" the man snarled, his eyes flashing and a low snarl falling from his lips. The man on his knees smiled, it was not a friendly smile.

"You'll never find him," Caron, king of the Drakes said. Finderig, his mate was in hiding, they had been sealed together three days ago and Finderig was now carrying his eggs and the Drake's future.

"I'm coming love," Finderig's voice called through their mind link.

"No," he cried desperately. "No matter what happens to me you need to keep our children safe."

"I have the army," Finderig's voice came back.

"Keep them there with you, find our people, take them to a safe place, raise our children."

"Caron, don't give up hope, we can get you out of there." Caron looked at the man in front of him again and could feel the change that he was about to make.

"You wont make it in time love," he replied sadly.

"If you wont tell me where he is, I'll make him come to me," the man said and Caron watched as his body twisted and morphed, elongating, his mouth turning into a snout with large and long teeth. The claws were huge and Caron felt a slight bit of fear as he looked at the silver dragon in front of him.

"He's not that stupid," Caron snarled. The dragon lunged forward and pinned him to the ground with a large claw.

"I will find him, and I'll tear him to shreds, take your children and make them my personal slaves. You're people will not survive what we will put them through." A thoughtful look came over the dragon's face and he smiled. "I think I'll take your mate as my own little pleasure slave, maybe he will carry my eggs?" he said and Caron saw red.

"You will not touch him," he snarled and without thinking, changed into his drake form. The dragon was twice his size but he had taken out several dragons in his day. Using the surprise to his advantage, he threw off the claw and flew up, diving at the dragon's eyes and felt a sense of pride when one of his claws struck home, causing the dragon to roar in pain and rage. Caron quickly turned away and headed out of the fortress heading towards where Finderig was.

"Get moving love, I'm free," he said but didn't receive a response. "Finderig?" he called but again got no response and a feeling of dread hit him. "Fin?" he asked desperately. Caron looked to the side and saw about twenty drakes heading his way, the captain of his army at the front.

"Sire," Porin said. "Follow us," he said veering off towards a outcropping of rock, the drakes surrounding him. They landed on one of the rocks and Caron could see the rest of his army surrounding a cave. "In there Sire," Porin said and Caron thought he heard something in the drakes voice, but couldn't place what it was. He landed and changed to his human form and walked past several drakes, none would look at him. Inside he saw the familiar figure of his life mate laying on the ground, three men surrounding him. He smelt the sour tang of blood and quickened his pace. He dropped to his knees when he saw where the blood was coming from.

"Fin," he said, sinking to his knees. The fair skinned man with the white hair opened his eyes and gave his mate a half smile.

"I'm glad you're here," he said taking Caron's hand.

"What happened?" Caron asked one of the men sitting around them.

"Dragon's," one of them said and that was all that was needed. "He sent the army on to help you, while they were gone we were attacked, we tried to stop them but..." The man seemed near tears and Caron felt them fill his own eyes.

"Fool," he said quietly, looking back down at Finderig. The three men stood, bowed and left them alone.

"Seems that's always been my role in life huh?" Fin asked and Caron smiled. "Love," Fin said in a fading voice and Caron looked up. "Take the eggs, one or two might survive, they're the future."

"Don't talk like that, we'll get you patched up, Porin sent for Xathric, he should be here shortly."

"You know its pointless," Fin said, gripping Caron's hand tightly and Caron shook his head in denial. "Caron, I love you, take the eggs, raise them, please, take them as a reminder of me."

"How could I ever forget you?" Caron asked quietly, tears making his voice thick.

"Sire," Porin's voice came from behind them and he turned slightly. "There are dragons coming this way." Caron nodded and he heard Porin walk away.

"Come on, lets get you out of here," he said standing but when he looked down he realized Fin was gone. Holding back a sob, he kneeled again, pulled off his shirt and took the eggs out of his mate and placed them in his arms surrounded by the shirt.

"Sire," Porin's voice said from behind him and he turned as one of the men stepped forward. Caron placed the eggs in his arms and looked back at Fin again. "Don't worry, we'll get him," Porin said quietly and Caron nodded before heading to the entrance, tears rolling down his face.

In the fortress, a two days flight from where they had been attacked, Caron put Finderig to rest for the last time. He turned to the three eggs that had survived the trip and sighed. Three out of six, if he had not been so stupid and let this happen, Fin would be alive and the other three eggs would have survived. Closing his eyes, he barely noticed when the others left and he was standing alone on the cliff over his life mate's grave.

"I'll make them pay for this Fin," he said quietly. "I will not let them enslave our people again. I will raise our children to rule and keep our people safe. I love you Fin, you will be missed," he said laying his hand on the engraving on the rock before turning around and leaving.