Title: Rain
Authoress: Kyo-nezumi
Story Type: Original/Slash
Chapter(s): 2/?
Warning(s): Lemons, Profanity, Yaoi/Slash, and MPREG.
Summary: Elvin Prince Syri's life was about to change completely! His father promised him away, and now he was betrothed to Prince Keitaro of the La'Ria realm. Will the two be able to like each other under such circumstances?

Chapter 2: Annoying Best friend & Arrival

I am not going to go! So why the hell am I dressed up,

and in the royal carriage, glaring daggers at my father?

And why is he smiling at me with that stupid smug look of his?

The bastard!

"Syri, you must listen to me child, I know that you are angry with me now, but this is for the best," Lord Kiyer told his son, who was pouting at him. "Why don't you think of it this way; you always wanted to travel, right? So think of this as an opportunity to get to see other things, I know for a fact that La'Ria is a beautiful place; especially around this time of the year!"

"Why do I have to go? Can't I just stay for a while and get to know him first? And maybe, in a couple of years, if I like him and all, we can get married!"

Kiyer put a hand on the Elvin Prince cheek, making his son look up into his eyes.

"I love you little one. I wouldn't do this if I thought it was bad for you," Lord Kiyer told his son softly, he hated it when any of his children were angry with him.

Syri, feeling emotional suddenly hugged his father. "Fine father, I will do it willingly!"

He just hoped that everything would be OK, he hoped that everything would go well.

La' Ria

"So, it is true then! When I got the word, I thought they were just kidding!" a young elf with green hair that reached his shoulders said. He was a head shorter than Kei's own 6'0 feet. The elf had emerald eyes, and a shade of brown for his skin color. And at the moment, he sported an amused smile, as he leaned on the side of the door entrance of the training room.

"What is true?" Kei asked with narrowed eyes.

"Oh, just that you're getting married!" The brown skinned elf responded.

"Who said that it was true?"

"Well, my long time good buddy, you are trying to kill that punch bag with those strong hits of yours, and your mother is very happy decorating; and they are not just ANY decorations, they are ceremonial decorations!" The elf paused for a moment, studying his friend, "So, I take it you do not approve of your union?" He asked, smirking at his friend, as Kei only sent him a death glare. But he could withstand Kei's glare, in fact, he was the only person that could withstand that glare; other than Kei's father: Lord Toshiya. But this was considering the fact that he would never glare at his mother, Lady Hitome.

"Fuck off Rei, I'm glad you find this amusing."

"Hell yes! Come on now Kei, you might even like him! I heard he was cute," Rei said as he walked over to his friend, handing him a towel to dry off with. The silver Elvin Prince took the towel and wiped his sweating face before putting it over his shoulder.

"Yes, cute. But I don't know crap about him! He's probably some annoying little wimp who is scared shit-less at the thought of breaking a nail! He's probably some spoiled brat that will whine at me for everything!"

"Oh, come on now, it won't be so bad. You may even grow to love him!"

"Eh, tough luck with that." Kei grumbled.

"Kei, honey, are you in here?"

Both boys turned at the sound of Lady Hitome's voice.

"Oh, here you are!" Kei's mother said, as she looked at both boys. "Rei, sweetheart, you're here too! How is your mother? I haven't seen her in a while," she asked him.

Lady Hitome and Rei's mother, Lady Sakura, were best friends and had been best friends since they were little girls. And that is the reason why Kei and Rei's name sounded so much alike. When the two mothers had been pregnant, knowing that Rei would not even be a full month younger than Kei; they had both decided to give their son's similar names. Hoping that they would become as close as they were when they had been little.

"She is well My lady. And may I say, you look beautiful as always!" Rei flattered Lady Hitome as he kissed her hand, giving her a bright smile.

"Thank you, Rei," she replied, giggling at the young man's antics. "Kei, sweetheart, you must be ready soon! Your intended is to arrive in just a few hours, we must be ready for his and Lord Kiyer's arrival," She said as she sent him a disapproving look.

"I will go and get ready, mother," Kei replied, kissing his mother on her cheek.

"Wear the nice robes I got you a few weeks ago," hhe instructed. She would not allow her son to look all casual for his first meeting with his intended. Everything had to be perfect!

Kei only nodded and grunted in response.

"Rei, you should change out of your traveling clothes also."

"Yes, ma'am."

And with that, the Elvin Queen exited the training room, leaving both boys alone once again.

"Well, let's get ready for your so-call impending DOOM!" cheered Rei.

Kei glared and elbowed his friend before forcefully pushing past him. He couldn't believe the situation that he was in... this was awful!

Syri P.O.V

Father was NOT lying when he told me that this place was beautiful! Really, he didn't give it justice- it was wonderful! But I wasn't about to admit that out loud anytime soon. I could hardly believe I was actually going to do this willingly! OK, maybe not willingly, but at least I was going to try this out. Yeah, that's a better way of putting it!

I felt my body tense up as I saw the castle. And suddenly, out of no where, I wanted nothing more than to take a dash out of the moving chariot! Their castle was huge! And even more old fashioned than ours! But it was well kept, or at least it looked that way. I took a deep breath and I almost didn't hear father speaking.

"Syri, we're here. Please be on your best behavior!" he said, while giving me a stern look.

"Why father, when am I not?" I asked politely.

"Always," he answered. And that was true!

"OK father, I promise," I said as the chariot stopped.

Here I go, I hope I wont mess this up.

But with MY bad luck, it should be a disaster!

I stepped out of the chariot with my head down low. I heard people talk, and I looked up to meet the most beautiful and cold eyes I had ever seen in my entire life!

Kei P.O.V

Rei, my dear, dear friend, took it upon himself to tell me the wonderful things that mating should bring me. Children. And that could be a problem because I despise any child that is under eight, because any younger, they are normally scared of me. Well, except Lord Treyze and Lord Gaise's twins. Oh, and Maya. But then again, they are evil little demons, as Rei likes to call them; being their older cousin or brother in Maiko's case he adores them. Then Rei went on to tell me how mating was so great, that it even gave you someone who cared for you! Hell, I had my mother for that, and sadly, Rei counted in that department too. And when Rei couldn't think of anything else that I couldn't contradict, he brought up the subject that most Elves our age longed for- He brought up sex! And at that, I didn't say a thing! What the hell could I say? That I wanted to be celibate for my entire immortal life?

That is a LONG time to be a virgin.

I think he felt proud of himself for shutting me up. OK, so the asshole won THIS argument. So what? Anyways, I got dressed in black and silver robes that my mother insisted I wear. And it was actually very nice, it did show off my body. Rei wore a green robe that fit around him perfectly, though it did make him look a bit strange. I hardly ever saw him in fancy clothing, neither of us were very classy (as mother calls it), and we found that the old fashion robes were confining. I took a quick breath and then left my room with Rei close behind me. No doubt the fool was still grinning like an idiot.

Mother apparently was waiting for us to go outside and greet our guests; we met up with her, and she flashed us one of her brightest smiles.

"See, you look wonderful!" she said as she inspected both of us, acting as if though we were children. Not that Rei had any problem with it, in fact, he liked it when our mothers fussed over him. And whenever I bug him about it, he says that it makes them feel better. And with that, I had to agree; but that didn't mean I liked it.

After finally being satisfied with our attire, mother pulled us outside to wait for our guests; and it didn't take long for them to arrive. Like always, mother's timing was right. We only had to wait for about ten minutes, when I heard the sound of horses signaling their arrival. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. This was going to be tricky...

The door opened and Lord Kiyer stepped out, sporting a genuine smile on his face. He seemed to be a very pleasant person. I bowed respectfully at the Lord, as he stood in front of us.

"He is very attractive Kei, the prince should be so too," Rei whispered into my ear.

And I just grunted a bit in response. For some reason, he was always attracted to older men and women. But then again, who could blame him? After an elf reaches twenty five, they stop aging. Well, they do age, but it takes centuries for it to actually show.

"Where is the prince, Lord Kiyer?" I heard mother ask.

Lord Kiyer turned, and my eyes widened for only a second. My cold mask returned as I found myself staring into two beautiful glaring violet eyes.