Author Notes:

What happens when you add a rocker superstar girl with the High School Goth; you get a story worth reading and wasting your time on. Nikkle Vinson is your basic sixteen year old girl, but she is also the world's most famous lead singer Etria Vansion for the band Darker and Punker. While Kien Retti is Lakeside High's local Goth who likes listening to bands like HIM and All-American Rejects and other rock and punk bands, but his all-time favorite is Darker and Punker. They bump into each other in the halls-Nikkle's heading for the main office to get her schedule, while Kien is heading for the courtyard. The other character that Nikkle meets is Jak Binson -who is the schools jock, overachiever, a ladies man, thinks that he can win any girl over with his all-star charm, plays football, basketball, and baseball- she meets him at her bus stop on her first day of school. He also thinks that he can win her over. (um... yeah right) (For Darker and Punker's music: just picture Linkin Park with Korn)

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