Return to thy light through the darkness of night

Go silently into the night young one (1)

For reckoning finally comes forth

It's time to leave that haze of yore

For it's time to choose between love and whores

If thou fails now and chooses that poison

Thou will loose thy happiness in that dark dark night

Yet if thou chooses love young one

Thy path of darkness will be bright with light.

Go silently into the night brave child

For remember it's time to face thy burden again

That burden of honor, thy burden of love

That will make thee sane while driving thee insane

It is said 'Though they may go insane yet they will be sane' (1)

Thus only through insanity will thee find thy sanity

(1)I think that I have read these quotes before somewhere, but was unable to find out who wrote them, thus I am citing them as having been written by Anonymous Authors. I do not want to plagiarize their work and the quotes belong entirely to the people who wrote them.