Through out history the vampire race has always faced conflict within the species and without. It's amazing that we even still exist.

In the year 2010 we had just come out of a nearly one hundred year period known as the Slayer Era. 1912 was the beginning of the era. The organization that calls themselves the League of Slayers collected their forces and went on a hunt to try and wipe vampires off the face of the earth. They took out the careless youths first, then with those victories under their belts, became more aggressive in their search. By 1945 we were becoming desperate in finding ways to avoid or eliminate the slayers that followed us. The oldest and most powerful among us opened their borders and hunting grounds to their offspring, calling to all in their bloodline and offering some element of protection to those who wished to accept the offer. Some of us vanished into the country side, some buried themselves for a long sleep which they may or may not wake from, and many went to their sires.

The slaying continued at a tremendous rate. Because of the gathering, several ancient bloodlines are now lost forever. In the 80's slaying finally tapered off because the vampires were becoming harder to find. We wrapped the darkness tightly around ourselves and hid in the shadows of the big cities, clustered together like beaten dogs waiting for the cruel master to return.

The 90's were a recovery time of sorts. Through the slayers were still out in full force, we had become wiser from our ordeal, and began to stand on our own feet again. Those who had gathered dispersed back to their chosen haunts. Some stayed with their sires still, asking to stay in the protection the elders could offer. The sires allowed it.

Year 2000 was basically the end of the slayers and the rise of our kind against each other. Over half our population was gone. Hunting territory was now in plenty and the humans had been booming in their populations while we had been in hiding. It was a new world for the survivors, one full of possibilities. We should have started expanding our own population again. Instead through some sparring accident, one of the younglings found out that drinking the blood of his brethren, he could gain another vampire's power. Word quickly spread through the power hungry ranks. Those questing for power destroyed their sires, and anyone else more powerful than them, till they had become forces to be reckoned with. Now super powers before their time, they began their own family lines, tainting the vampire blood with their greed, hate, pride and power. Those who were sired by the greedy ones were twisted beings with only the basic desires of flesh. Feed, mate, and gain strength. The Powers and their offspring collected themselves in the big cities along the east coast and vie for the territories within the boundaries of the cities. They wage nightly wars with each other, killing each other off and gaining strength.

I did not go to my sire, or go to sleep. I've been hiding in a small town far from the power struggles on the east coast.

The other night I had a dream. It has haunted my waking thoughts and my sleeping ones. Those who seek to make themselves stronger currently consider themselves to be demi-gods. I have seen the future of this action should it continue. They will elevate themselves to gods and rule over men, completely killing the humans off, after plunging the world into a dark age. With no more food, and no more people to expand our population, vampires will die. We will rip each other apart and become more corrupt as we drink each others blood as it is spilled to the ground in our battles of futile survival. It makes us worse than the most feral animals. Worse than any murderous tyrant that ever existed in history. The world itself will weep ash at the destruction, blacking out the sky in mourning.

I am not the only one who has had this dream of the destruction to come. Other have it also, though the number of them is not known to me.

Crea Blackink is my name. I am the last of my bloodline. My sire was killed in the slayings. I thank whatever god above that he fell to the slayers and not to the betrayals that came soon after. I have become one of the last old ones.

Imagine that, an elder of the race at only five hundred years old.

Perhaps it is time to insert myself back into the vampire world and make my name known. Though I am not strong like the Betrayers in the cities, my mark will be painted on ever building in every big city along the New England coast. My name will become the most feared on the betrayers' lips, and they will not dare speak it in anything but a whisper at loudest. The price on my head will be the highest there has ever been in history.

Let the games begin. . .

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