The sky was dark. No stars twinkled in the sky. The new moon was here. No one could see in this darkness. No one could but a vampire. A lone boy walked the empty streets of this small town. His piercing red eyes were the only way of knowing he was coming. The only thing to warn his victims. A light flashed on in a house nearby. The light was cast across the boy's face. His raven black hair would blend into the night. His skin was pale from lack of sunlight. The boy's crimson lips turned into a wicked grin, showing off his abnormally long canines. He wore a simple white T-Shirt and baggy green cargo pants. The boy's eyes were once again the only thing seen as the light went off. Footsteps echoed through the night as he continued down the street. Soon another light came into view. The glow of the light was a light purple from the stained glass. His destination was the unusual light.

Whenever he arrives at the window it opens. A young girl looked down at him. She smiled down at her visitor. He smiled back. His eyes moved from to the door. She nodded, "It's unlocked,"

He quietly entered the house. The light flipping on, "Don't worry. My parents are heavy sleepers. And if they did wake up they wouldn't care," The girl had long auburn hair, braided down to her waist. Her light blue eyes starred at his face, checking for any changes, "I will never age," His eyes looked her over. She wore a purple shirt, showing her midriff, with the words 'Don't Care' written on it and pajama bottoms decorated with red lips. His eyes stopped for a moment where they shouldn't have. His face turned a deep shade of red, showing up more on his pale face. She laughed at him and grabbed his hand. She led him up to her room, "So how was your trip, Leo?" Leo didn't reply to her question.

"Why did you really want me to come here?"

"I found something you'd like to see. It might bring back something of your past," she winked at him and opened the door to her room.

The room was very purple, her favorite color. In the corner was a Canopy bed with purple sheets and pillows. The carpet and paint on the wall all purple. Another door was in her room, her closet door. Along with a few other things there was a lava lamp that gave her room a purple glow. The lamp sat on a computer desk.

"It's on my computer," Leo followed and leaned on the back of the chair, watching the monitor. A website popped up. Pictures of children flashed by the screen as she scrolled down. Stopping on a familiar face, his.

"Leonardo Andre Hillon Age 16 when lost Hometown: Falton, Falton is a ghost town now, Living Family: None Birth date: 1965, that means you're over 70 years old," The girl turned around to her friend, sorrow held in her eyes.

"Don't look so sad. I wouldn't know any of this if it wasn't for you," Her frown was replaced with a smile, "You've been very helpful. I'm glad I met you," He placed a simple kiss on her cheek, leaving a surprised look on her face, "Thank you," He was gone a second later.


Once again he was back out in the night. Now he had to visit Falton. Maybe his house was there still, maybe a few clues of his past. "I'll miss Merryl," He sighed.

He had been in this town for six months. He had no memories of his past except his name was Leonardo. He met Merryl one night while out on a hunt. She had been on her way back to her house after visiting a friend. It hadn't been dark for long so she hadn't worried about any trouble. He jumped out of the shadows to attack her, only to miss and roll on the ground. He hadn't expected her to be nothing more but a human. To find one of her kind in a mortal town was unlikely. She laughed at him, not a cruel laugh but a genuine soft laugh. She offered up her blood, and what good blood it would be, but Leo longed for someone to talk to and she would be perfect. His first impression of her was that she's a ditzy teenager. She hid her intelligence behind a facade of clueless ness.

"Leonardo Andre Hillon, don't think you're leaving me behind," He quickly turned around, Merryl was running towards him, "I told you I was going to help you, and I'm sticking with you until my promise is finished,"

"Thanks but-,"She put a finger to his lips.

"I'm going," He nodded and turned to continue walking, "Wait, not now. Tomorrow we will leave. Meet me outside my house at midnight," She waved goodbye and ran back.

"Silly girl. Doesn't she know how dangerous it is to travel with a vampire," He laughed and headed back to the dark forest, the place where he made his home,

"What was that?" thought Leo, he quickly looked around, footsteps heard, "Someone's there," And Then he saw him. A man probably in his mid 40s was running down the streets, thinking he could not be seen. The man had a grey moustache and a balding head. His body was round from years of easy life. A serious look was on his face. He wasn't running from anything but running to something. Leo wouldn't care but he noticed what was in the man's hand, a purple scarf. He was after Merryl. Leo ran after the man, being the superior creature he caught up to the man in a matter of seconds. Leo tackled the man. The man fought back, swinging his fist, the man had once been a good fighter but with his age and weight he had lost all ability. Leo grabbed the man by the shirt collar.

"Where are you running to in the dark?" Leo pinned the man against a wall.

"Back off Vampire," The old man gave a swing of his fist, only to be stopped by Leo's hand, "To a girl's house, her name's Amethyst," That's Merryl's real name. This man was after Merryl.

Leo's fist collided with the man's face. He looked at the man, "Wouldn't even make a good snack," He let go of him, "Now go back to where you came from," The man whimpered and ran back towards the dark forest, "Running away with his tail between his legs," After that Leo decided he needed hunt tonight to be ready for tomorrow.