I'm closing my eyes one last time:

I'm closing my eyes for the last time,

I even see the life that I once had flash before my eyes.

But that's all in the past,

as I look up from the pool of blood that surrounds me.

I guess that what they say about,

people jumping in the way of a raging bullet for the ones they love and care for,

is really actually very true.

As you look down and finally find the words,

the words of passion to say to me.

At first you stutter them out,

but find that doing so makes you weak as a mouse.

So you finally say with determination and strength in your voice,

"What you did for me was brave. What you did for me showed courage.

And doing so makes me wish that you could live once more,

just so that I could get to know you even better."

Those words were the very last thing that I heard,

as I closed my eyes one last time.

A/N: this is for all of those who died for someone that they loved but lost in a dramatic way. So hope you enjoyed reading this. Thxs a bunch and review to some of me other stuff up here.