Marched though the gates of Auschwitz

In silent rows of pain and fear

Met with pokes and prods of hate

Pushed to the left or right

Which is life and which is death

Unknown to all who enter here

I am pushed off to the left

My family to the right

Confusion here is everywhere

And seems to cloud my mind

And even if I am to live

My family's sure to die

Death in this place strikes all around

There is no place to run

Survival here is day by day

And food is always hard to find

Disease hits like a noxious fog

And food is scarcer still

The question is not if we'll die

But always rather when

This brings around the question

Of why we have been sent

To die in such a horrible way

With skeletons and lice

Is it just because we're different

Because I was raised a Jew

We all are different in certain ways

Am I that different from you?

For a school project about the Holocaust, Constructive critisism is appreciated

Thanks for reading!