Ridin' shotgun in your truck

In the middle seat

right beside you

Oldies blaring on the stereo

Window open, your arm out

Cool spring breeze blowing my hair

This is where I belong

Riding shotty in your truck

Cracked leather seats

In your dirty but comfortable old truck

Dried mud covering inside and out

The engine roars

You pull away from all my problems

I can close my eyes

forget everything

Here riding with you

Guzzling gas, a hundred dollars at a time

Speeding down the highway

There's nothing stopping us

As the radio dies out

silence takes over

Beautiful, mixed with the engines roars

Soothing my troubled soul

Here riding with you

Rust holes like craters

Smashed windshield and window

Seatbealts not seeming to exist

But I dont mind

When I'm riding with you in your truck.