Giving Up.

Crying, tearing myself apart

Baring my soul to be taken again once more

It's just the way you like it

Make me fall in love and take it all away

And now I'm just a fragile soul

In an empty shell

Wondering why I gave it all away

I knew it I knew it

I knew this would happen if I gave my heart

Why I never fell in love

But his time was different

I screamed at myself

But like usual, I'm wrong.

This is what you want isn't it?!

To push me so far away so it can't be your fault

If you wanted to end it you could have told me

So I wouldn't feel like this now

But I was right!

No one cares, the world really is cold

The first time I thought I felt the light of life…

But it wasn't real.

I'm such a stupid girl…

I actually believed you could be my savior!

And everything happy I once wrote,

The ink has washed away.

Now to get to know the one person I know will never hurt me.