Silence is a welcome sound

Everything else is substance bound

Quiet and still, perception is clear

Short rest I find, and I hold it dear

Slow declaration, realizing reality

Finding beauty in life, and all its frailty

Thin glass, cracked and shaking

Underground, cave-ins in the making

Noise vibrating the world around

Shaking the air, trembling the ground

Open your eyes and stop the noise

Stay your hand and still your toys

There's a place where only grass whisper

A land where you pillow is the greatest kisser

The land lies not apart from ours

But, it is such, only without scars

Listen closely, and you will hear

The scars shed a diamond tear

Look close, there's still loveliness

Look hard, it's easy to miss

Silence is slow, disguised rest

Try it yourself, put it to the test

Shatter the noise with utter silence

They won't understand, and think it violence

Close your mind to the world around

Look inside for the joy waiting to be found

Problems don't exist where they don't matter

Leave them behind, and they will fall to tatter

We're finding answers to problems that don't exist

I think the reason to live has been sorely missed

Wait for your reward, it is calling

Come to its rescue, forever falling