A/n: And we're back.

Heart2Heart: Maybe I shouldn't have agreed.

FizzyLizzy: Sort of late for that, Amy girl.

Heart2Heart: Don't say that.

FizzyLizzy: I tell it like it is, kid.

Heart2Heart has logged of at 4:08:06 PM.

FizzyLizzy: Don't leave.

Amy was Heart2Heart and FizzyLizzy was her new best friend, Elizabeth. She was a reporter for The Whispering Oaks Gazette but knew how to keep a secret…like what had happened at Happy Trails. Amy had finally told her. Amy laid on her back as her new laptop she had gotten for freshman graduation shut itself down. It was the last week of Summer Break. Weeks had passed since the Happy Trails incident, and neither Amy nor David had the courage to ask the other to go out again. They were both too embarrassed, avoiding each other too much, too busy pretending to be horribly preoccupied.

So much feeling for David wasted…

1-312-555-3746. Amy dialed Lizzy's number quickly, she knew it by heart. Lizzy was a rebel, a total fashion outcast who cared what no one thought. Amy, a self conscious goody two shoes, found her refreshing. Everyone else found Lizzy disgusting.

"A-kid, what's hanging?" Lizzy picked up immediately. "I thought you were mad at me."

"Hey, Fizz Lizz. Of course I can't be mad at you. But why can't I get over David?" Amy asked abruptly and straightforwardly.

"OK, Amy. Lemme think." There was silence on her end of the line, only breathing was heard. "OK, since I don't have a good answer for you, I'll be unoriginal." She paused, obviously suppressing a giggle. "Pretend I am now your mom." Lizzy said in a monotonous tone. Amy cracked up.

"There are plenty of other fish in the sea. He wasn't good enough for you. I didn't like him anyway."

Amy giggled again into the phone. "You are a crazy one, Lizz. Thank you!" she said, enlightened.

"It's what I do," Elizabeth said, and Amy could picture her shrugging her and grinning.

Amy was about to hang up, when Liz suddenly said, "Wait."

"Wha?" asked Amy. She was a little hungry and silently wanted to get off the phone.

"Thanks…y'know, for everything." Elizabeth said quietly, in a rare normal spell.

"No problem," Amy responded calmly and sympathetically. "It's totally cool, being a friend with a senior."

They both laughed and hung up.

A/n: I'm not totally gone forever, now am I?