Here's to Friendship

Here's to friendship, here's to friendship

Here's to friendship strong and true

Giving giving, ever giving

And receiving naught from you

Hours talking about yourself

Fishing for compliments all the day

But for my problems there's no time

From the subject of me you shy away

No interest feigned in problems mine

But interest I must show in thine

Words spilled in anger, soon forgotten

Dripping with spite and all things rotten

Forgiving slowly offenses slight

While cruel words linger in the air

No lasting harm I've done to you

What's done to me you do not care

But I forgive, and I forget, the cycle starts anew

While brooding on foul memories, the more tension you stew

Rules of the game not constant, but ever in your favor

Giving friendship deep a twisted and unwholesome flavor

Your jealousy consumes you

Your malice leaks unchecked

No effort made to reign it in

Just feeble apologies to accept

Provoking me then crying out

No pretense of fair share

It may take two to tango, friend

But one can lead you there

Ok for you, but wrong for me

Because you are the star

A friendship centered just on you

Will not get very far

Here's to friendship, here's to friendship

Here's to friendship long run dry

I can't keep giving on forever

I take this moment to say goodbye