Short work, probably no longer than four chapters, that just popped into my head. Enjoy.


Where before she had been shapeless, now she was a quivering form of flesh amassed in rank fabrics that had once passed for clothing. Long hair had formed tangles and snarls until it was nothing more than a nest for whatever creatures crawled the little space that surrounded her. Her scalp itched and she had lost the feeling in her hands and legs long ago.

Before, the rank of nervous sweat had caused her cheeks to flush with humiliation but after a few days - or was it weeks? Without windows and light she couldn't even guess as to how long she had been there - she hardly noticed it. Where the wall had initially been freezing against her back, it was now coated with slime and stuck to her clothes if she attempted to shift away. Salt tracks crusted her already dirty face, dried blood caked along her nose and lips, cracking and bleeding anew when she moved her mouth. By now the pain had dulled to the point where she could almost ignore it.


Her head tipped back to rest against the wall, no longer caring how filthy it must have been. Bloodshot eyes slipped closed as a single tear trickled down her cheek. She tried not to think of the fact that she had been sitting in her own filth for god knew how long, how feces were caked to her skin and urine stung her nose with its acrid scent. Dehydrated and starving, there was nothing left for her body to give. Already the sharp pains of her stomach protesting its emptiness had faded to a discontented gurgle now and then.

Would anyone recognize her now?

Her throat clenched and her mouth twisted in pain as more tears fell, eyes stinging as she tried to hold them back. Her gut clenched and a shattered gasp escaped her. Pale lips split and began to ooze crimson drops down her chin. It wasn't much, but it was enough.

Eyes scrunched shut, a broken sob tore through her battered body, chest heaving painfully with each rattling breath. Why, oh why...

A dark, not sinister but unstable, chuckle emerged from the opposite side of the room and she instantly froze, the hiccups and tears torn from her by the terror that now gripped her. Her eyes opened wide but she could not see, even as the other person stepped forward, heavy boots thudding solidly on the ground. She barely registered how badly her body shook as hot breath ghosted over her cheek, a calloused finger tracing her jaw.

She gasped, shutting her eyes, trying to shut out the voice, the touch, the terror.

"Mm... Oh, how the mighty have fallen..." he whispered in her ear, voice cracking as he laughed again, fingers tracing her jaw. A sudden jerk and curl of his fingers and she cried out, his long, ragged nails tearing her bruised flesh. Her sobs began again as the blood stained the stiff fabric of her hoodie.

She could hear the laughter in his voice as he stepped away, a faint drip as a drop of blood, her blood, fell to the ground. "Oh, how they have fallen."

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