Friday Afternoon

It's a Friday afternoon

And a warm sunny day,

a feel of romance

that has always reminded me of you;

those eyes of yours so blue

I get lost in them

and I get found in them;

The color I continue through.

as I sit here

waiting for you

to enter this local saloon,

I think to myself the last time I saw you.

Every time you walk through the doorway

and into my life,

if only for a few precious moments,

Its feels as though you were never gone,

time becomes my last real hope in which

I depend upon.

I don't want you going home

to a place I can not see;

I want to keep you in my sight

and in the morning ... next to me.

I was never able to let go

I struggle with this emotion every day,

you were the one person that made loving easy

and feel okay.

I was content to make you my own

how was I to know your love for me,

your need for me,

was only a loan.

I would never give our memories back,

I take it where ever I go;

This love

That moment together

I hold

you had given

and I gave back to you the tenderness

you shown.

After all these years

it's always been you

in everything I do

And it still hurts my soul

because she has the better part of you;

I would have done anything for you-

and you know that's true-

I more than once proved that to you.

You enter the bar

and there goes my heart;

feeling like time never moved

since I last met with you.

And around we go

like a carosel,

taking the opportunity

to take another ride.

I know it wont be long before you have to go;

Just once more, sweet blue,

It's all I have left of you,

We'll take it nice and slow.

Maybe one day

Maybe it will be another Friday afternoon;

You'll come out again to play,

and seat me next to you on your white horse

of this carosel

and maybe

just maybe

It will be a warm sunny day

and maybe

just maybe

You'll stay.