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"No, Darcy! I said that I was going to be Wolverine for Halloween!" I grumbled as my best friend Darcy Williams and I fumbled through children's costumes in Party City.

"Beccalynn, you are mistaken. You compromised to be Rogue, while I took the position of Wolverine." She said holding up Wolverine claws. I gave her a puppy-face, crossed my arms, and pouted.

"Fine, fine. You can be Wolverine." Darcy said throwing the costume at me. I squealed and jumped up and down.

"Thank you Darcy!" I shrieked, and ran over to the cash register. I threw the costume down on the counter and rummaged through my Coach purse in a hurry. I found my money and then looked up at the cashier. Who was indeed smoking.

"Um, excuse me sir." I said waving my hand in front of his face. He glanced down at me through his dark hair that covered his eyes. I could see that he had his nose pierced and had light stubble growing on his chin. His eyes flashed a vibrant blue under his dark hair. His skateboarding hat was tilted to one side, only increasing the length of his hair on one side. He lifted his muscular arm to gently pull the cigarette out of his mouth and puff smoke the other way, and then set it back in his mouth.

"Excuse me . . . um, Scott is it?" I said squinting at his nametag. "Scott can you please ring me up? I need to get home." I said tapping on the counter. Scott leaned over the counter and snatched the Wolverine costume from under me. He rang it up, without uttering a word. All he could do was smoke. I took the bag from him and started to walk, before I caught myself.

"Oh and by the way Scott. Thank you for smoking." I said and turned on my heel. And from out of the corner of my eye, I caught him flicking me off.

I arrived home to find my mother on the phone with someone important from the tone of her voice. Whenever she answers the phone, she automatically becomes someone different than the person standing in front of me.

"Okay, thank you so much. I will drop her off tonight, thank you for calling. Alright, bah-bye." She said hanging up the phone.

"Afternoon sweetie! Oh, you know how you need credits for school right? In order to graduate this year? Well I just got off of the phone with Mrs. Replinger and she said that you could help over at the Rehabilitation center tonight! Darcy can come too, I already called her mother. Won't that be fun?" she asked me. The color drained from my face and I could only blink.

"Great Mom, I would love to spend my Friday night at a Rehabilitation center." I said sarcastically. I was going to be spending my free time at a center for druggies. Awesome.

5 hours later

Darcy and I arrived at the General Hospital & Rehabilitation center at 6:15. We dragged through the corridors, becoming more frightened by the minute. We reached the main desk and the woman at the desk directed us to a room. Darcy pulled open the door and we cautiously walked in.

"Hello? Is this room 213?" I asked. A woman with long graying hair greeted us at the door. She looked caught in the 1970's and had a friendly smile on her face.

"Good evening ladies! My name is Mrs. Replinger and welcome to the evening Rehab gatherings for smoking teenagers. You will be aiding us in the next few months on how to quit smoking. Please take a seat in the corner and you may observe my teaching. Class this is Beccalynn Harker and Darcy Williams." she said. We waved in a friendly manner and headed over to the corner of the room. I glanced over at Darcy who was already scanning the crowd for decent looking boys. I took a seat in the cushioned chair and examined the poor unfortunate souls who had been thrown into this joke-of-a-class.

"Now I want you to get with a partner. You will be learning more about each other, and your bad habits. You will each find a way to cure your bad habits within the next hour and a half. Beccalynn and Darcy please come over and I will assign you a partner." Replinger motioned. I walked over with my hands in my pockets and Darcy followed close by.

"Darcy please take a seat next to Jason Miller over there. And Beccalynn, let's see . . . you can be partners with Scott Davis over there." she said giving me a slight push. I walked over looking for Scott, and then I saw one person sitting alone.

Party City Scott.

I caught my breath and held it for a moment. Shit, this could not be the same rude kid that was the cashier at Party City. But boy, it was. I sat down next to him, twiddling my thumbs.

"So Scott, we meet again. My name is Beccalynn." I said sticking out my hand towards him. Scott sat motionless under his heap of dark hair. I rolled my eyes and attempted to strike up conversation.

"Scott, we are going to have to work together to just get through this. Just agree to that alright? You can make up what ever you want, I don't care. Just agree to be friends for now?" I asked him, raising an eyebrow. Scott leaned in towards me and folded his hands.

"Look Wolverine, retract your claws. We both know that you don't want to be here any more than I do. You are only here for High School credits. And my parents put me in this because they want a better future for me. We both know my bad habit is smoking and yours is books or laughing or some prep shit like that. So let's pretend we like this class and kick it to the curb. Okay? Good." He said and then leaned back on the legs of his chair. I gave him a blank stare. I could see him smirking at me from under his bangs.

"Okay kids, the night is now over. Pack up your stuff and I shall see you tomorrow night! Have a great night!" Replinger said with a smile. I got up and headed for the door. I felt Scott grab me by the shoulder and I turned on my heel to face him.

"Hey Wolverine, you might want this." He said and thrust a bag into my hands. He brushed passed me and grabbed his skateboard from the doorframe.

"Beccalynn come on! It's 7:45 and we are late for a meeting with the girls!" Darcy called from the doorway. I motioned one minute and slowly paced to the door. I opened the bag and looked at what was inside. I pulled out a set of Wolverine claws and examined them in my palm. These were completely quality Wolverine claws that must have cast a fortune. I placed them back in the bag and ran out of the Rehabilitation center and into the rain that was falling outside. In the distance, I could see Scott skateboarding up onto the curb, splashing through puddles wherever he went. And right above him, was the Party City lights flickering on and off.

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