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I thumbed ravenously through my yearbook from junior year, passing the freshman section and finally the sophomore section. I trailed my index finger down the line of students with last names of "D". Daniels, Dawson, Darer, Davern, Davies, but no Davis. I slammed the book shut and laid against my bed. A RING came from under my pillow and I grabbed the phone and answered it.


"Hey Becca it's Darcy."

"Oh hey, what's up?"

"Did you find him yet? Party City Scott?"

"No, he isn't in our yearbook. And there is no other school he could go to unless he was in college or he went to St. Andrew's High School."

"Yea, that is true. But I just don't understand how he knew you wanted those claws. They are completely good quality, and I think you should keep them."

"Darcy, I don't think I can. When I see him tonight I am going to ask him a few questions plain out. I need answers and I need them now. Talk to you at school. Adios."

"Bye babe."


I gathered my bookbag and I grabbed my jean jacket from the closet. I said quick good-byes to my little brother Benji who was sitting at the table getting ready to go of to school.

"Bea are you ready to go?" I called down from the stairs. My younger freshman sister ran quickly down the stairs in a skirt that was about as wide as my forearm. I rolled my eyes and walked out to the car, unlocking it and getting inside. Bea got in moments after and we pulled out of the driveway. Within seconds Bea's cell phone rang.

"Hey Jean! No way. . he said what? Oh my gawd I am so going to have to talk to him in third period. What a whore I can not believe she is going out with him again! Jesus, pick one guy and stay with him. . ." she said. I smirked to my self.

"You should talk Bea." I said in a sarcastic tone. She mouthed 'Bite me' under her breath as she looked through the mirror. My sister was indeed the most preppiest girl you will ever meet. And me, oh I was far from that. She would classify me as the 'boho chic' of St. Augustine High. But whatever. She was a freshman so she didn't really count. All she was, was new meat for the upperclassmen to chew on and then spit out. And frankly, I enjoyed that.

I walked into the double doors of the school and split up with my sister. I met up with Darcy in first period. I took out my World History book and opened it to the page on the board. My teacher Ms. Jones, walked in with a cup of coffee as usual and her anti-depressants.

"Morning class. As usual you will complete the lesson written on the board while I take my medication. Oh, and by the way. We have a new student coming in from somewhere other than here. Please welcome Mr. Scott Davis. Mr. Davis please tell us about yourself, you look rather. . . interesting." she said in a monotonous tone. Scott stood there with his hands in his pockets and his backpack slung over one shoulder.

No fucking way.

I could see Scott scan the crowd for kids he was going to avoid. And then without taking a breath, he opened his mouth to speak.

"I came from Delaware, my father owns a company and we move sometimes. The end." and with those last and final words he ended his small speech. A few gothic girls in the back clapped and whispered amongst themselves.

"Thank you Mr. Davis please take a seat in an open desk. If there even is one." Jones said turning her back to the classroom. This was the jocks cue to start their mayhem. One jock started throwing a football across the room to his fellow teammate. I grumbled and began completing the lesson on page 342. Then I heard someone drop their books on the ground and slump onto a desk. My eyes averted in the direction closest to me, the empty desk.

I saw Scott sitting there with his hair in front of his face and a computer on his desk. He had his books in his lap and a Microsoft Word document opened and had already started to complete the lesson. Darcy tapped me on the shoulder.

"Talk to him!" she hissed in a whispered tone. I rolled my eyes and cleared my throat.


Scott still stayed glued to his laptop.


"Is there something you need?" he asked me in an annoyed tone.

"Yea, are you by any chance. ." I trailed off as he interrupted me.

"Yes I do work at Party City, yes I am in your Rehabilitation class, yes I remember you Wolverine, no I do not want to talk to you. End of story." he said. I sat there with my mouth hanging open.

"Scott I just wanted to. . ."

"Wolverine. Kindly shut up." he said. My eyes widened and I turned back to finish my work. The bell rang ending first period and Darcy and I walked out of class behind Scott who was in front of us, blaring his headphones.

"Darcy, I am refusing to talk to him anymore. I can not stand this kid. Oh he makes me want to go. . just to go tear out my rib cage and feed it to my dog." I said.

"Beccalynn you don't really have a choice. You are basically paired for life with this kid. You can not get rid of him. Replinger made him your partner for Rehab class- your like connected to Scott." she said.

"I know, it's just that. I think that he is hiding something from me. Something that he doesn't want me to know about."

"Well whatever he is, he is doing a decent job of it. And you might want to find out more answers tonight." Darcy said as she followed me into our Calculus class.

Later That Evening - 8:10 PM, Smoking Rehabilitation Center Room 213

Mrs. Replinger tapped at the white board that was plastered to the wall.

"Okay kids, now get with your partners that I assigned you last night. And today we are going to talk about things that make us scared. So get chatting!" she said while clapping her hands. The room became loud again and the kids all over the room were talking with their hands, most in deep conversation. Scott and I sat in silence once more.

This time he decided to strike up conversation.

"So Wolverine, what frightens you?" he said leaning back on the legs of his chair.

"Do you insist on calling me Wolverine, Scott?" I asked him, raising one brow.

"Yes, now answer the question."

"Well, I guess bats do. And sharks, and people like you." I replied crossing my arms.

"Why bats? Why sharks? Why people like me?" he asked me, now intrigued.

"Because bats fly at night without making a sound and are faster than the speed of light. Sharks because they strike without warning, silent killers. And when they finally bite into you, taking out chunks of flesh and pints of blood, no one can hear you scream. And you because, basically I just described my fear of you in those last few sentences. You Scott are half bat half shark." I said. Scott had a smirk on his face, and now I could tell that he wanted more out of me.

"Oh really. Well you frighten me." he said, throwing the punch right back at me.

"Why? Tell me oh great Scott, why does Beccalynn frighten you?" I asked him, dangling myself in a sarcastic tone in his face.

"Wolverine frightens me because of her personality. She is like a piece of candy. She is hard on the outside, very stubborn and most stuff bounces off of her like a bullet. But once you get to know her she is creamy and chocolate on the inside, easy to devour and easy to mess with. And because no sane girl on this planet is as obsessed with X-Men as you are." he said leaning forward. My expression was blank.

"Scott. . .your totally wrong I am not like that." I said.

"Oh really? I beg to differ Wolverine. I will make you a bet."

"What kind of bet?" I asked very skeptical.

"I will bet you that within this large time frame that I must spend with you, you will fall for me." he said.

"Psh no way Scott. How could I fall for a guy like you?"

"See? This is why I am making you a bet. You will fall for me Wolverine, I promise you and we have a long school/rehabilitation year ahead. Mind you that it is only October, we still have seven more months and three days until graduation." he said smirking.

"And if I win?"

"If you win, I will stop calling you Wolverine and I will promise not to dress like a total goth anymore and remove my nose ring. Forever." he said.

"But if I lose?"

"If you lose, than you must announce your love for me to the school and become a goth like me. Deal?" he said holding out his hand. I stared at it and then without hesitation I took it.

"Deal." I said grasping his hand.

The class ended after our pact and I walked out to the car with Scott and Darcy close by.

"Remember our bet Wolverine!" Scott called from the sidewalk. I gave him a salute before getting inside my car.

"What bet is he talking about Becca?" Darcy asked me while buckling her seatbelt.

"Oh it's nothing." I replied turning the ignition on.

Besides, what could possibly go wrong?

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