the transfer of heat
a capella - bereft of accompaniment,
whether by emotions untold, unwanted
or strings that show only in the light of feverish paranoia
brought on by grasping insecurities, fishing for compliments
and getting back an empty hook.

but transfer implies winning and losing
and keeping score, and what, though freely given,
cannot be retained once taken;
when the action befitting the fitting of shapes
in such a way that the worries and cares all dissolve
has common threads more with such terms as
sharing, as
basking, as
melting . . .

but stocks and reeds and molten lead have little to do with the dam about to burst
and still less to do with the well inside me.
and no, i'm not talking about the source of tears, though that, too, defies comparison;
no it is a well of gravity to which i bring reference,
a well that sits in stomachs and pulls the heart down, 'til the blood flow is stopped
and the thoughts that flicker like words on a screen
slow quietly, softly, till at long last, the pain is all