Chapter One

The year is 3149. The United Democratic Government of the Terra Major Counties or UDGTMC is at war with the Dothians. The earth as we know it is no more. In the year 2067, man had reached Mars and colonized it. During the "civilizing" of Mars, many interesting things were discovered. A preventative for cancer was found (some say that the "cure" leads to a rare Glaucoma, but it has yet to be wanted proven), and a reactant element, Fermancia, destroyed the knowledge of element properties as we know it. This revolutionary element was extremely reactant, and the reaction could be sustained for many years. This allowed deep space travel and unbelievable weaponry to be developed. Mars was then colonized to the brink of becoming no longer Mars. The red dirt was gone (some debate it was there at all), lakes and rivers flowed where there was none, and Earth and Mars were deemed Terra Major and Terra Minor. In the year 3076, one of Mars' moons fell from it's orbit and destroyed an eighth of Terra Minor's population.
But the future was not all bad. The feuding governments of the past were now combined into the powerful, and sometimes totalitarian government of the UDGTMC. The history of this was started when the United States, war after war, began to control all of the areas to stop the terrorism that plagued the U.S.'s border, the European countries then formed a loose confederation known as the CES, or Confederation of European States. Following suit, many other large areas of the world formed confederations. Then the Dothians arrived.
In the far past, an alien race was found using the moon Uropa as a fueling station for their deep treks. They knew about the human race, and thought they were like a small child with a weapon. The child knows how to use the weapon, but lacks the discipline to know when not to. When in 1945 the Trinity atomic bomb was dropped, the Dothian species knew that the human race was headed for extinction. When man landed on Mars using this same power they only used to destroy, they thought the human race had the discipline to be revealed to the truth. They were wrong.
Upon landing on earth in 2070, the Dothians were at first greeted with open arms. We learned from them and they learned from us. After a year of peaceful cooperation, they came in larger numbers. They were fascinated by the many colors, the greens, blues, reds, oranges, and other things. Seeing earth as a sort of resort, then used the earth to relax, enjoy the "sports", "Internet", and "movies" that were very popular then. Religious extremists, not sure whether these "outsiders" went with their religion or not, they reacted as humans have to anything they don't understand; they destroyed them. The Dothians were hunted almost to the extent of full war. At first it was a few minor instances of terrorism, and a murder of important Doths here and there. But major groups were beginning to uprise. The Klu Klux Klan, revived. No longer against their brethren, they were totally against the "gray menace". Not all humans were like this, some sought to preserve their relationship, but to no avail. After fifteen years of persecution they decided that their decision that the human species was mature enough to handle this was gravely wrong. In the most massive migration in Earth history, the Dothians left to their home. And so it remained. Until now.
Dothian upstarts or "Anti-Terran" groups began to arise. They sought to seek revenge for the many deaths of their ancestors. The tension was felt on both sides. With the Terran borders expanding and the Dothian Anti-Terran movement growing in size, the awaiting explosion needed one spark to ignite the blazing inferno of death and destruction.
Chapter Two

A buzzer woke James from his sleep. The resounding buzzer made his ears hurt. When it finally stopped, he stuck his head out from under his bunk and looked at the floor.
"Oops, sorry, Jim." Robert said above him as he hit Jim with his feet. "I didn't see you there. I'll see you at the briefing room,"
"Yeah, just let me get dressed." Jim said rising to his feet. Jim looked around, and saw the other Jumptroopers waking up too.
"Sorry Captain, I didn't see you" A private said as he bumped into Jim.
"No one ever does." The private saluted him and left the bunks. The entire room moved and everyone fell except for Jim.
"You guys got to get used to space travel, we're probably ducking an asteroid." Jim said as he put on his suit. He hated the way the velcro collar rubbed against his thick neck. Jim was a tall, semi-muscular, intimidating person of 32. He shot through the ranks, he still has no idea how he came to be in the Jumptoopers-he hated the jumps.
Jim walked down the hallway to the briefing room and saw some of the people he will be landing with. He tried to get some names, he remembers what his sergeant always said "Know the people under your command, they're the ones that will keep your ass alive."
"Captain James." The Major Robert Kerrigan said as he saluted him.
"Major." Jim saluted back, "Are we there yet?"
"You sound like my daughter."
"Funny, how is she?"
"She's fine, I got a video call from her yesterday, or was it night? I can never tell in these damn ships."
"I hear ya. E.T.A.?"
"About an hour or so," Robert said as he sighed. "I guess we better get suited up, I'll brief you on the way."
"Sir." Jim said as he saluted. Both turned and head toward the deployment area of the dropship. The ship was one of the smaller ones in the fleet, but it didn't have to be big, just large enough to house about 100 men and supplies. The drop-pods were on the outside, and to save room, the combat suits were inside each of the pods. The combat suits were equipped with a Anti-Personnel Plasma Chaingun, and about 10 Anti-Armor Fragmentation Grenades. The Anti-Personnel Plasma Chaingun had three attachment ports, one for a grenade launcher, one for a long-range, lazer-sighted, sniper port, and one that shoots a small E.M.P. grenade for use against the more electronic of the Dothian weapons.
"James, I'll assume that you know about the invasion of Jupiter?"
"Yes major, I was informed of that before we left from Mars."
"Well, we are the first wave of the counter-invasion force."
"Major, answer me this, how did they get past the defenses? I remember running scenarios and they always got my force. I even used a mass- E.M.P. strike, but it didn't work. Do you know why?" Jim asked as he dodged a private running to the mess hall.
"Captain, what's your clearance?"
"B-8, last time I checked."
"Follow me." The Major said as he headed into a storage room. Jim followed in and Robert closed the door.
"Major, The Dothians have some sort of new weapon, we're not sure what, but it has been produced in masses and it took down the defenses-all of them, which brings me to the second part of our mission. We are to do two things: One, intercept the retreating Dothian forces and inflict as many casualties as possible, and two, disable the Dothian weapon that I mentioned and bring to Intel. to be stripped down and every bolt investigated."
"Oh, ok. How are we to get around to disabling it?"
"That's the catch, we aren't sure."
"Well, we'll be landing soon, I'm sure we'll come up with something on the ground."
"Right. Let's move out." Jim and Robert headed to their pods and suited up in the titanium suit. The blue and black suit was made head to foot of titanium and had a small tinted window port for their head. Jim got inside and closed the port door. He flipped up his wrist-computer and turned on the inboard computer. Two displays came on, one for his location, and another for systems and communication control. Jim did the normal systems check and bounced when the jump-jets fired. The suit locked into the pod and Jim held on. A picture of the ship commander came up telling them that they will be dropping soon, and sent them all the mission objectives. A small map poped up on the right display window projected against the glass in front of his face. The ship commander bid them a fairwell, saluted and counted down. This was the part that Jim hated about his job-the 2 minute drop. He heard a private say it was better than sex, the kid obviously never had a woman.
A loud bang and hiss sounded and Jim let out a small sigh as he clenched his teeth and held the hand-bars. Jim felt like his stomach was going to fly out of his mouth and splatter against the glass in front of him. He looked out the port-hole, looking for something to get his mind off of the fall. He noticed five of the battlecruisers firing at an approaching squad of Dothian Fighters. Three were shot down but the rest began to fire at the pods. This was the first thing that was able to distract Jim from the feeling of negative G's. One of the fighters fired a small missile at Jim's pod. The light kept getting bigger and bigger as it approached Jim's pod. Right before it was going to strike, an interceptor missile flew in it's path. The explosion made Jim's pod tumble away towards the planet. "Great," Jim began to think, "First, the fall, then the fighter, now I have my eyes about to shoot out of my ears."
The small burst jets fired on the pod and it righted itself. The realigning made Jim hit his head against the side of his suit. Jim noticed that the pods were being scattered everywhere. He then realized that the fighters weren't supposed to destroy the pods, but to scatter them so thinly that they prove no real threat. Jim then noticed something worse, he was going to enter the planet's atmosphere. If there was one thing then falling that Jim hated more, it was being jerked around while falling.
Green flames began to appear as the friction from the pod made the atmosphere on Jupiter burn. The pod then slowed down enough where the shaking stopped and the landing began. The pod's landing jets fired and he began to slow down. The pod finally landed with a thud and the door opened. Jim stepped out of the small pod and looked around. He turned on his radio called for anyone in two miles of him. He began to get responses, 14 in total, and they all agreed to meet at the top of a hill. After Jim got his combat gear, and he began to turn his pod into the speeder it was supposed to make. He folded out the winglets, dismantled the door and attached it to the sides, raised the controls and began on his way. After about a minute, he finally arrived at the designated point. 10 of them were already set up there, making as small bunker when Jim arrived. Two looked at him and walked up.
"Private Second-Class Bill Raynor and George Thompson." Came over his radio as they both saluted.
"Captain James Smith, who's the highest ranking officer here?"
"You are, sir." One of the privates said as the other five showed up.
"First things first, let's get a comm-room open and start telling everyone where we are." James said as he walked toward the bunker. He unloaded all of his gear and asked if a communications officer was around. No one answered. Jim nominated Raynor and made Thompson the intel because of his experience with computers. Jim looked in his pod for an amplifier and hot wired a make-shift radio. He then sent out signals in a 50 foot radius. He got a few responses from people who were making other little camps. Jim and his party decided to take a break, he said from the building, but he really need to calm down from the drop. They all decided to get moving at 0800 hours, which was two hours away.