Chase strode purposefully down the road, trying to block out the fear which threatened to invade his mind. He had to get to the next village. He had to make sure. How could he have missed them? They must have used the newer roads, that was the only could hear Halie chattering away to Sandra now, her spirited girlish voice shattering the quiet. She reminded him so much of Nadine.

'Chase! Come down here please!' his mother's voice echoed through the spacious sighed, putting down his book. They had company. Briefly he glanced in the mirror, ran a hand over his hair and opened his bedroom door, stepping out into the hallway. He made his way down the two flights of stairs, running one hand down the gilded banister, relishing the cold metal under his skin. As he reached the ground floor he stopped. Standing by the front door were two women. One was about his mother's age, with short brown hair, dressed in the same type of fashionable tailored trousers and top that his mother wore. The other woman, a girl really was much younger. About his age, Chase guessed. Her straight brown hair hung down her back like a sheet of melted chocolate, and her large warm brown eyes gazed at him in appreciation. He found himself staring at her and hoping she would never leave, as she gavehim a breathtaking smile. His mother's voice interruptedhis thoughts and he broke off eye contact to turn to her.

'Chase, this is Nadine.' She paused. 'Your betrothed.'

Chase shook his head to clear his thoughts. That had been only a year and a half ago, although now it seemed like a lifetime. He had found out what was expected of him and he had discovered exactly what Nadine was like. The outside was no reflection of what she was really like.

'So this is you room.' Nadine said in her annoyingly perfect voice, raising an looked around the huge room and nodded. 'It's not very nice is it?' she said casually, flicking her hair over one shoulder and gazing around the room. Her eyes fell on a picture of Chase when he was a child. 'Dear me, that's not you is it? What appalling hair you had!' That had just been the start of it. She had complained at everything, and when they had started discussing the future she had made her feelings perfectly clear. 'Well of course you'll go into your fathers housing business, expand it. We'll need a bigger house. I was thinking five children but obviously I can't be expected to look after them so you'd need to get a nanny. Oh and that singing you do? I can't stand it, I only listen to classical music, you'll have to give it up.' That was when Chase had snapped.

Sighing to himself, Chase kept walking automatically. Singing had been the one thing he enjoyed and that he knew he was good at. Sure he was good at school work, but he never enjoyed that. The times when he locked himself in his room, with his guitar and lost himself to the music were the time he really understood himself. Since he had called off his betrothal to Nadine, his mother had barely spoken to him and had refused to let him sing. She had taken away his guitar and ripped up all his music. He hated even the memory of Nadine, and Halie was exactly like her. Beautiful but empty.

He heard a squeal from behind him and turned sharply. 'What is it?' he asked. Halie was looking at him in anguish. 'I stubbed my toe' she said pitifully.

'Well, no wonder, you're wearing the most ridiculous shoes.' He said looking pointedly at the open toed, slightly heeled shoes she was wearing. They perfectly complimented her impeccable, if slightly dusty outfit. 'Well of course they would.' He thought to himself.

'Well I didn't plan on walking this far,' Halie complained. 'It's not my fault!'

Halie fell silent and her thoughts drifted, to her parents, her family. With each footstep, the same thought echoed in her mind. 'What have I left behind? Why did I leave?' Her parents were rich and fashionable, they lived in the richest part of town. Her sister, Rayne was exactly like her; beautiful and spoilt (although Halie would never admit it). There was only one difference though. Her sister was weak and did what she was told , whilst Halie had a temper. She fought back and often argued with her parents, although they were always quick to offer reconciliation presents. Halie laughed almost bitterly to herself. She'd be getting a huge present after that argument.

'How dare you young lady!' her mother had shouted.

'Well its true isn't it! You don't think I'm good enough for it. You don't think I'm clever enough. You think I'm some stupid airhead ditz just like Rayne. I'm not. I want to go on this training programme!' Halie had screamed back.

'Well I'm telling you, you can't go! You're going to do as you're told and go straight to your room!' her mother had tried being strict.

'You are so self-centred. Just because you've done nothing with your life you don't want me to do anything.'

'That's it! Go to your room now!

'Like hell I will!' With that Halie stormed out of the front door, slamming it shut in her mother's face.

Halie awoke from her troubled thoughts as she bumped into Chase who had, strangely, stopped in the middle of the road.

'What is it now?' she said irritably.

Zed glanced at her dismissively 'He's seen something' his voice was softly mocking, although somehow, once again devoid of any emotion. His eyes turned on Halie and once more she shivered as his empty, ice blue eyes held nothing.

'Isn't that the village over there?' Chase asked quietly. Halie nodded as Chase started to pick his way across to the village, Zed following him. Halie looked at Sandra and shrugged. 'I guess we follow them' she said sulkily.

As they reached the gates to the village, they noticed they were ajar. Their hearts leapt and none, except Chase, noticed the unusual black cover which covered the gates and stopped them seeing what was beyond them. Chase pushed the gate open warily,andZedpushed pasthimthrough the gates, the girls close behind him. There was excitement on their faces as they thought they had finally reached somewhere, somewhere where people would be.

It wasn't like stopped sharply, eyes wide with shock as they surveyed the damage around them.

'What happened?' Halie whispered. Chase came up behind the other three, as the gates swung shut again with a clang. He sighed, his heart sinking. Hope was quickly running out.

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