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Moving On

Footsteps sounded behind him. 'Chase?' It was Halie. She came nearer when he didn't reply and crouching down, placed a hand on his shoulder. He flinched in pain as her hand came into contact with the bruised, grazed area where the beam had fallen on him earlier. Halie saw him flinch and pulled the sleeve of his t-shirt up, exposing the painful area.

Her eyes widened 'Wow, I bet that hurts' she said automatically, and then blushed as he just looked at her, his expression telling her she had stated the incredibly obvious. Hurriedly she tried to make up for it. 'Oh, well…come inside. Pax knows a way into that stone building. He says it's the best place to sleep.' Chase studied her for a moment and then stood and silently followed her into the village.

In the stone structure, Sandra was already curled up in one corner. In her sleepy state, the sense of loss wasn't quite as harsh and her thoughts drifted to Pax who was already asleep, Tain spread out next to him. In many ways he was like her brother; stubborn, direct and hard to read. As Halie and Chase quietly entered the room and settled down nearby,Sandra drifted off to sleep, her dreams filled with darkness.

Tain lifted his head as light streamed through a nearby window. Stretching back onto his hind legs he stood up and padded over to the partly shut door. He nosed it open and went outside. The door swung back, allowing the room to be flooded with crisp, early morning sunlight, invading the senses of the sleeping group.

Pax woke, rolling onto his back and sitting up, absently scratching the back of his neck before he stood. Chase sat up and leaned back against the wall, watching Pax, with Halie awake and also watching from her curled up position by his feet. Pax studied them strangely for a moment and then nodded over at Sandra who was still sleeping in the corner. 'Someone wake her up. I'll show you where to wash.' Halie sat up and moved to shake Sandra gently by the shoulder as Pax stepped outside.

He half shut his eyes against the bright early morning sunshine and stretched casually, welcoming the fresh air. He stood and watched Tain sniffing the ground nearby, until Chase, Halie and finally Sandra trailed out of the doorway. There was a short silence.

'This way' Pax walked off, indicating that they should follow him. He turned right, leading them away from the courtyard, down a narrow passage, to a small enclosed area with circular water filled stone tub in. 'It's where the animals used to drink before the fire. It's safe to wash in though.' Pax pulled his t-shirt roughly over his head and began splashing the water roughly onto his face and neck. Halie hesitated and then moved closer, washing gingerly so as not to splash her clothes. She turned and motioned for Sandra and Chase to join her. They both moved forward and once again silence fell on the group.

Halie wriggled uncomfortably, she hated silence. She turned to Chase 'You should wash that shoulder. It'll get infected.' She ignored the glare he gave her; after all it was for his own good. She continued regardless, accidentally putting a hand on his injured shoulder and winced apologetically as he flinched away from her. 'It's nasty, you don't want it getting worse' she pulled a face, disgusted at the thought.

Pax turned to Chase. 'What did you do?' he asked shortly. He strode the few steps to Chase and pulled up the sleeve of his t-shirt revealing the bruised and bloodied skin. 'How did you manage that?' he asked abruptly, but cut off the rest of his lecture to Chase, when Halie looked pointedly at Sandra who was still washing quietly. Pax sighed.

'Take it off.' He gestured to the t-shirt. Chase stared at him for a moment and then pulled his t-shirt over his head. Halie couldn't help but stare as the material slid up and revealed smooth skin stretched over tight stomach muscles. 'Stop it' she told herself firmly. 'It's not like you've never seen a guy before. Pax is topless as well and you're not staring at him.' She turned her attention to Pax, who motioned for Chase to sit on the edge of the stone circle. He rummaged in one pocket and brought out a cloth which he dipped into the water.

'This is going to hurt' he warned Chase.

'Just do it' came the reply. Sandra had finished washing and both she and Halie watched as Pax cleaned Chase's shoulder. Chase bit his lip as the rough cloth scraped against the bruised skin. Slowly, the dried blood was cleaned away, leaving a dark purple bruise and several shallow grazes, surrounding a deep cut running horizontally across his shoulder. 'Done'. Chase nodded his thanks and gingerly pulled his t-shirt back on, standing up as he did so. Once more he took charge 'Let's go.'

As they moved out into the main square, Sandra looked up at Chase. 'Where do we go now?' Her question was innocent but Chase's heart sunk. He knew they had a long way ahead of them. 'We go to the village of Frenla. You know, the one by the sea? They're always the last to move to the cavern.' He looked to Pax and Halie for agreement and Pax nodded. As a group, they moved out into the early morning sunlight towards the gate. Halie felt a shiver run through her and she realised that the sun was losing its strength and the days were gradually going to get colder. Her dark red hair fell forward into her face and she absent-mindedly brushed it back, glancing at her surroundings. The road was just ahead of them, a dusty brown snake in the middle of the greenery. The sun washed over them, highlighting Sandra's blonde hair. When they reached the road, they turned left, heading for the sea, a faint sparkle in the distance.

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