He never smiled anymore.

He was eighteen now, and he was still stuck in high school. He never graduated, so he was taking his senior year over.

His class ring that he had been so ecstatic over when he had first recieved it was gone from his right hand ring finger.

He could drive now. Cutting class, nobody knew exactly where he would always be going off to, alone. His friends didn't keep contact with him any longer.

She could see him too.

She saw right through him.

She knew why he was apathetic and kept his distance from everyone else. She knew why he was alone.

He wandered aimlessly around town. Clutching a fake identification card in one hand, he found himself in a tavern he never recognized. It was a small-town joint and half-empty.

He went in and ordered himself the rounds.

She wondered where he was at.

She followed his trail and had asked the bar owners. They knew nothing.

Finally, she found him at the dead of night.

He was surrounded by empty tankards and tall glasses of filthy liquid. He was slumped over at the counter.

She walked in and dragged him out. He didn't protest.

Smiling stupidly to himself, he placed an arm around her shoulder. Even in his state of stupor, he knew who had come for him; the only one who'd ever come for him.

He led the way to the direction of his apartment.

Fumbling for his keys, he opened the door. The silence allowed her to follow him into the apartment.

She didn't smile.

He collapsed into the couch, his head heavy with guilt lines and the loss of youth and innocence. No, no, he didn't smile either.

It was getting dark.

She reached for him, using her own weight as balance. Her arm rested upon his shoulder as she carefully led him to his own bedroom.

Stumbling through the dark, the lack of electricity in these areas were most unfitting.

She laid him gently on the bed.

She kneeled then to take off his shoes.

As she stood up to leave, he was overcome by an emotion he didn't know. He lunged for her, so she fell into the bed.

She struggled.

He held her tightly against his chest, as he began to shake uncontrollably. His trembling made her stop moving.

Tears fell from his eyes and down his cheeks.

His hands were shaking as they were reaching for her. She stood up.

He called out to her, but she said nothing in response.

She walked out. He trailed behind her, only a few steps behind her. He called her name.

She opened the door and was gone. He ran after then, fearing the worst between them. He was frantic now as he searched the darkness that surrounded the night.

He wasn't completely sober.

She turned around and saw him lagging behind. She could see he was tense beyond measure. She saw him fighting, a vicious battle between him and the strange monsters of his imagination.

Then there was a flash of bright lights.

She screamed. She was screaming out to him.

He turned his head. He ran toward her voice.

She kept screaming. The minute his body collided with hers, she pushed him away.

He was angry.

He was yelling at everything around him to stop. He tried to reach for her.

That's when the truck hit her in the middle of the night.

He's nineteen now.

He's still not in college, let alone high school.

He had dropped.

Nobody saw him anymore.

But what was the point?

He never smiled anyway.