Who knows the corners of sleep

Where, under fields, do lazy liquids seep?

What words are said in a dream?

When you awake, it did not seem

What you thought it was

Shaded and jaded by consciousness fuzz

Can you remember your thoughts?

Why then be afraid, revolting plasma robots

Yellow eyes and messages un-relayed

Are dreams truly deep thoughts, just, replayed?

What is the antidote for such lethargy?

Is it truly a sickness, if so, it's got you and me

What horror it is when you forget all phantasm

No longer, the epiphany muscle may try to spasm

Oh what tales lost, told from subconscious

Recounts of great decision, like that of Ponchas

Oh now, comes that memory loss sleep

What good can such dolefulness reap?

Electric light pierces eyes of the body

Awakening reality, grim and shoddy

Fluorescent light once flowed to mind's eye

Illuminating a world where you slept in the sky

Such adventure and thrill now forgotten

Sleep 'till death, or forget; dilemma we're caught in

Who truly knows the value of rest?

It might just shield us from things we detest

Who knows the land of dreams and fantasy

Kingdoms and wars in worlds inside you and me