Do you remember how we cried

When the pet woodlouse we kept

In a red flowerpot behind the shed

Ran away one day to leave an empty shell?

Nothing but a handful of grass and

Two children's memories.

Do you remember our wonder

At the summerhouse that Superman built?

His footprints still fresh on the ceiling as we

Ran down the garden, Grandma's hand in ours.

Do you still think of the days when

We came home from school, yellow dresses

Stained with earth from rolling in the grass?

Back then we knew we would touch

The stars that were just inches away.

You promised that when you had grown up

You would reach up and pick one

To keep just for me.

Well now we've grown and the stars seem

So much further away than they used to,

The summer days so much duller

Without the crystal colours our eyes once saw.

But some things haven't changed

And although we gave up cartwheels

On newly cut grass for white wine nights

With shorter dresses, it's still your smile I turn to,

And it's still side by side we stay.