Kindred Clans


I remember those eyes… those beautiful amber eyes as my master picked me up from my feet. He was tall and build solid. He grinned and all I saw were his fangs before darkness fell around me. And I passed out from too much drink again. You're thinking vampire right? Sorry to brake your thoughts, but, no, he was no vampire, and nor am I. Almost the same, yes, but, so very different. Am I confusing you? I'm sorry… Let me tell you of the past, hopefully to enlighten your future.

It began when a child was born, half werewolf, half vampire. A very strange and rare mix. It's odd for the child to live, but, every life has at least one miracle, so bare with me as I continue. This child was taken from it's mother. Taken by a vampire named: Joseph. Joseph ruled one of the vampire clans within the large cold city. Joseph was father to the mother of the child. He stole his own daughter: Marie's child and ran, in hope to kill it, as he believed that nothing so 'wrong' should live. But the child's werewolf father attacked Joseph. Joseph was killed between the trees in the woodland area just outside of the city. Of course, as soon as Joseph's clan found out that he had been murdered, they came… they searched for the werewolf. But when they failed to find him, they returned. Knowing that Marie would take over the clan, as she was an only child. The vampire knew that she would allow friendship between vampire and werewolf. This, in their eyes was madness. Dear Marie was strapped on the top of a building.

However, the father carried the child and entered Marie's empty room. He looked for her and called out her name, but went he heard screaming, he bolted to the window to look out. And there he saw on the building across from him, his lover burn and turn to ask from the light of the sun. Doors opened behind him and guns aimed firing bullets of silver towards his back, but he hovered over the child, clutching it in his arms as he fell to his knees. The bullets continued to fire, pelting at him, he dropped to his side and there he lay lifeless, his arms lightly around the baby.

The vampires approached and the baby was looked at. With it's mother and father gone, they thought that the baby could learn just to be a vampire. If the werewolf thoughts and feeling where blocked out, and taught that they were wrong and bad… maybe, just maybe the child could be granted life… And so, the baby was given to the vampire named: Santo. The vampire would try and raise the baby. Santo smiled slightly, holding the baby of his dead sister in arms. He would not take his fathers place, it had not been Joseph's wishes, for Santo was not loved by him. They babies name was changed. It had been Malik, but Santo changed the name to Taylor. And then he left the clan, he left the city, he took the baby to a quiet town.

It was said that the baby didn't cry at the sound of guns, at the slight of his mother and fathers death. While many believed that it was just because he was young. Others believed that it was because he was evil. A half cast.

But… I don't believe I am a half cast… and, as for evil… I'll let you decide.