He stands up in the middle of a unified circle filled with knicks and stereotypes. Everyone vows not to shed a tear. It's not really the end. He starts his speech with his leaders. They've taught him to much throughout his four years. His four years in high school, but the countless memories shared. Ban all pain. Voice starting out strong, confident, so far from reality. He turns around and skims eye contact with the ones he loves. "I don't know where I would be without you," he states. And his superiority subsides. The superiority of everyone around him subsides. But we are all the support he needs. And he is the support that we all need. Tears well up behind brown eyes. None released at this point, but many formed. I can't believe this is goodbye. He takes a seat nextto me and puts his arm around my shoulder. "I'm going to miss you so much," he says. He's embraced by many. Clinging to him as if we will never let him go. We all know we don't want to. The next speech begins, but the majority is still focused on the one we found so strong. And as those created tears fall from his eyes...we all view him as stronger.