Writer's Block

Tapping into the beat.
Feel the rhythm;
Now it's time
Take away the memories
And the sadness will disintegrate
Only to distinguish

And escape.
Fly away, we shall, when the grass has turned to peach,
And we don't need to dream.

For fear will only get you so far.

For fear will only get you.
Let yourself lose the mass
Shed the fat, the skin
Till' only bones are left to shine light through

And the Winter breeze
Gives Summer's doom

Her calling.

Umm can I just say that this poem actually has a really cool structure/layout 'cept FictionPress doesn't seem to like it hehe. Btw I have written much better poems than the ones I put on here ... maybe I will dig them out of my special lil' folder ... The feelings in this poem are really conflicted, I don't like it because its really quite unresolved, but the title's actually pretty fitting for it. I think that's why the structure I had went so much better, kinda unconnected in places but solid in others. S'all good. It's an interesting poem to say the least ...