"Carelessly sealed"

There's someone else looking in

Serrated gravel, weeping willows

The abrupt destruction of something conformed,

Something expected

Everyone flinches, yet no one recognizes-

It is a community move

Cement streaked with thin white powder

Guiding millions along an identical path

Callused hands suggest an alternative motive

But they aren't yours

I continue down this uniform road

One so immaculate from any imperfection

One that so righteously abhors anything emasculate

God forbid, the American dream could be flawed

I continue down this uniform road

Following so many others

A fresh wave of panic, accompanied

By the abandonment of comfort.

The treble cleft wavers and then disperses.

The leather begins to heat and burn from the steering wheel.

Suddenly, a flash

The interceding light from an overzealous camera,

Marking the momentous occasion.

A sweeping embankment by the side of the street;

Inviting any chaste or unsuspecting passerby

There, in the marshy ditch, lies

Pandora's box.

The gateway to hell and the

Release of the most acrimonious evils in

The world, the investor of intention,

The claimer of souls and

Vanquisher of love and loneliness.

The farce visage that consumes us all-