This is a poem I wrote, it was pretty much whimsical. I wrote it for english class, but it turned out looking pretty good, so I decided to put it up.

Vipers and Demons and Pears, oh my!

Addled they are not

Abstruse are the vipers


brackish and guileless is their venom

Chauvinism had the demons for hell


deluged it will never be

Ersatz were the pears

then again,

fables of them there are naught

Glib are the actions of vipers


haggle and quibble loudly over prey, they will

Iconoclasts, the demons consider themselves


jaundiced they are of conformists

Lackadaisical stood the pears

then again,

manna they were, standing alone in a macrocosm

Nomenclature singing of vipers is foreign


perceptive are their emotions

Quixotic were the quips of the demons


raconteurs they were

Sancrosanct and sinuous sat the pears

then again,

tortous was the pedestal in which they sat

Unobtainable was a kiss from a viper


veritable love is found at their hearts

Wanton tricks were played by demons


yen they did for mischief

Zenith of the zenith is where they all stood