fuck you (not me), how I have eaten time!
let myself vomit all that is necessary
how everything within just came as a storm
and I let you be taken with the fast fury of my mind!
but I-
need to let you run your color. yellow. how you pissed on my dreams.
need to let you fade away now. the stain.
how long it took you just to rot
into a fleshy skeleton!

and you.
won't let me know the cause of death-
unsure of your last breath.
all appeared well on the outside-
but in your veins is where the truth lies.
running, giving you cause to move ahead
(although the person in you is dead).
running. you are running away.
running away from me.

I am the truth.
I am your heart.
I am the storm within you.
I am the scream of thunder!
I am the uncertainty!
I am the necessity!

at times
I visit our grave.
our forever love.
this promise of life.
haha, what do the flowers say?
their swift bloom and their ugly fall.
and I ask myself why I visit,
when you are nothing but a skeleton.
full of NOTHING.
(but the end)

but you.
are still unsure
of your pathetic illness.
your primal hunger.
the hunt for meat and ass.
your curiousity for the damp
caves and how cold they were.
unlike me. how I am so warm
on the inside but my heart is cold
that is where you no longer reign.

and that is from where you run.