Okay, I've finally figured out the whole quote, unquote "Anarchist" thing. They are just confused. See, they think they want anarchy, but really they want nonconformity. There is a fine like that they can't identify. Or haven't thought to identify. Or are just ignoring. They aren't thinking futuristically when they say they want Anarchy. And they don't realize what Anarchy really means. They're thinking in terms of freedom of society, and anti-government.

Anarchy is chaos, no government, no establishment, no trade, or any kind of system what-so-ever. They're still stuck on the whole self-emancipation, righteousness thing. If Anarchy grew, economy would fall, and we would have NOTHING. They wouldn't have their little punk rock shows or music because there would be no electricity. They wouldn't have t the booze and narcotics because it wouldn't be made. Food would be gone within weeks because there would be no farming, trade, or importation. We wouldn't have freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly or petition, because people would just kill you if they didn't agree with you. We'd be slaves with no chains, if you know what I'm saying. Rapists, pedophiles and murderers wouldn't be stopped. We would have no health care or plumbing or heating. And if they don't want government because they're anti-war, then they are just stupid because Anarchy would fuck them in the ass with civil war.

No, they are definitely thinking of liberalism and nonconformity. There is no such a thing as "Anarchy in its true state" because it doesn't fucking exist. There is always a higher power, whether it's the government or just gangs on the street.

And Dee… FUCK Dee. "Oh yea, I'm an Anarchist, but I love New York City." What a fucking ignorant poser! New York is the cult gathering of corporate fucking America! Dee is a walking contradiction. She loves New York, she drinks company made beer and does company made drugs, she has a fucking CELLPHONE, she shops at Hot Topic, who by the way, used to give 50 of their profit to the KKK and whose clothes are made by American fucking poverty. Fuck her. Damn it. When there's Anarchy, and Dee gets stabbed, or sick, and she can't get any Health Care, she's going to realize how fucking ridiculous Anarchy is. The world would end. And just think… people like Dee are the future of this nation.